2018 Perth County Discover More Brochure

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Perth County

Perth County first welcomed tourism into the corporation in January 2017.  Prior to this, tourism efforts were carried out by an arms-length, membership based organization that has since folded. It should be noted that following this change, Perth County did not take on any of the previous tourism assets, files or social media accounts. Starting the program from scratch can be daunting, but Perth County recognized this as an opportunity to strategically establish the Perth County Tourism brand to residents, tourism partners, business owners, and prospective visitors. The Perth County Tourism 2018 Discover More brochure served as the inaugural publication of the newly founded Perth County Tourism, and with the 2018 new and improved brochure, Perth County finally has an accurate and inspired physical embodiment of all that this dynamic county has to offer.

The three main objectives of the Discover More brochure were to raise awareness of Perth County as a desirable tourism destination, provide members of the public in Perth County a cohesive brand to foster a sense of Perth County pride to develop further through a collective display of Perth County’s beauty, and to capitalize on our proximity to the well-known destination of Stratford. Our role is to encourage discovery beyond the borders of Stratford by promoting the many valuable experiences in Perth County and extend visitors stay in the area. These objectives allowed us to execute a cohesive and clutter-free brochure with no advertisements. Rather than function as a directory, this brochure serves as a highlight reel of all the best and most unique things to do while discovering Perth County

The Discover More brochure’s target audience consists primarily of those living within a “day/weekend trip radius” of 250 km. We already know that this is a strong audience for Stratford, although Stratford is a separate Municipality with its own separate tourism marketing efforts, we sought to align ourselves and draw this audience out into Perth County. The highest concentration of our target audience is comprised of residents of London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area. Perth County has a strategic position to appeal to this target audience due to its small population size (38,066), outdoor recreation offerings, unique Amish and Mennonite communities, historically-significant architecture, many picturesque golf courses, and an abundance of small-town charm. We partnered with our member municipalities and local business associations to gather a list of what they each viewed as their top 10 visitor destinations; we asked them “If you were to show someone new around Perth County, what are the highlights you would make sure they experience?”. This gave us a strong starting point, and allowed us to tailor the brochure to fit experiences our target audience is searching for.

There is tremendous creativity in the purposeful design, content and delivery of the Discover More brochure. Upon surveying practices from across Ontario, it was determined that the vast majority of brochures are presented in a traditional tri-folded tall, narrow format. We deliberately designed the Discover More brochure to be an inviting read by making it book-shaped while still remaining small and portable enough to be taken in a purse or pocket. The book shape is appropriate as we are telling a story: the story of Perth County. This brochure is the second edition, following the successful launch of the 2017 Perth County tourism brochure. The total budget for the project was $10,000 – this included design, printing of the 20 page self-cover booklet, as well as provincial distribution. The design and content was driven by the vision of the Economic Development and Tourism Division, and the technical design work was completed by a local graphic designer with input and direction from the Tourism Officer. There was absolutely no outside marketing assistance used in the creation or development of the Discover More brochure.

Feedback on this brochure has been solely positive. The Discover More brochure is an effective print piece that surpassed all expectations and truly made a positive difference for tourism and establishing a core tourism brand for Perth County only one year after its initial launch.

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