2017 Guelph Economic Snapshot

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Purpose of Project
This project is a print and digital flyer that was originally designed with the purpose of being used as an insert in the Toronto Star newspaper promoting Guelph, Ontario as a strategic location for business investment along Ontario’s Innovation Corridor.


  • Display that Guelph is a great place to do business
  • Promote Guelph to the Ontario/Greater Toronto Area (GTA) market as an investment location
  • Showcase all that Guelph has to offer, to potential investors
  • Serve as an awareness piece to continually grow Guelph’s profile within the GTA and along Ontario’s Innovation Corridor
  • Increase awareness of the City-owned Hanlon Creek Business Park and its recent land sales

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The initial flyer was delivered to 53,994+ recipients on December 16, 2017. Since posting digitally on Issuu, we’ve received over 194 impressions and have handed out more than 700 print copies at events, businesses meetings, and through investment packages. The flyer served its purpose as it reached thousands of potential investors that may not have otherwise known about Guelph and may not have ever considered Guelph as a strong place to locate their business. We’ve received feedback from site selectors, realtors, investors, and residents all complimenting the piece as it has raised Guelph’s profile. Additionally, we’ve distributed this piece during B2B meetings which has helped in successfully generating qualified leads.

Challenges and Changes Made
When this idea of an economic snapshot was brought up, we had to figure out how we wanted to roll it out and where we wanted it to be distributed. Internally we ran into a couple obstacles as we had to get everyone on the same page. We investigated a number of options and ultimately decided to make this a local piece, which would then be distributed in the Toronto Star and posted in a digital format.

Another barrier we ran into was budget. Similar to any project, we wanted to ensure we were using our budget dollars to the best of their abilities. To overcome this barrier, we strategically targeted this campaign in the Toronto Star which helped us get the most for our money. We also ensured that we reviewed all publications before making a decision.

Target Audience
The audience for this project is primarily site selectors located in the GTA that represent national and international businesses. The success of this piece has expanded the reach to also include: Ontario residents, realtors, developers and business owners, which was highlighted from the feedback that we received from individuals who were not originally aware of Guelph’s competitive advantages and business success.

Specifics as Detailed in Award Category
The 2017 Guelph Economic Snapshot is worthy of an award because it is a brand new idea for promoting Guelph as a place to do business. After measuring the success through overall distribution as well as the positive things we’ve heard about the marketing piece, we’ve proven that it was a success. We’ve made the decision to roll these out on a yearly basis and have both staff and external stakeholders within the community on board. Our goal is to put Guelph on the map as a great place to do business and we feel that this specific marketing piece has helped us get closer to achieving this.

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