GoForth Institute business training opens January 8th!

Mark your calendars!

At our 49th Annual Conference this past September, you were introduced to our education partner GoForth Institute. GoForth’s Founder and CEO Dr. Leslie McGeough outlined reasons why fewer than half of Canadian small businesses reach their fifth birthday, and how GoForth’s online training improves those odds.

Since 2009, GoForth has trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs who learn all the skills they need to start, run, and grow their small business successfully. Our partnership with GoForth is an exciting opportunity to truly understand entrepreneurship – and how a small business can succeed. What’s more, GoForth training is an ongoing resource for those at any and all stage of entrepreneurship.

As part of our partnership with GoForth, members that complete the entire program will earn eight points towards EDAC’s Ec.D. Designation.

Here’s what the training involves:

  • Course delivered via HD streaming online video – 10 modules, containing 30 video lessons at 20 minutes each
  • Video lessons taught by expert instructors who are successful entrepreneurs.
  • Content that’s relevant to rural, agricultural, and First Nations entrepreneurs – and everyone in between!
  • Email access to instructors for questions about the content.
  • Downloadable worksheets and other material.
  • The accompanying 550-page curriculum e-book is updated yearly.
  • One year unlimited access at a reduced cost.
  • Complementary to existing programming.
  • Points towards the Ec.D. designation and recertification requirements
  • Participant progress is tracked and reported

On January 8th, you’ll be able to register with a special discount code to enjoy one year of unlimited access. In just 10 hours, you’ll be well on your way to better understanding the keys to entrepreneurship success – while earning points towards your Ec.D. or Recertification!

Stay Tuned!