EDAC partners with BDC

EDAC partners with Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) as a Corporate and Conference Title Sponsor


EDAC’s mission is to enhance professional competence, advance economic development as a profession, and contribute to Canada’s well-being.

BDC’s mission aligns nicely with EDAC’s, as its focus is to help create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory services and indirect financing, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy and it is BDC’s role, as Canada’s development bank, to help them succeed.

This exciting partnership will provide EDAC members with knowledge sharing, opportunities to engage and a connection to the Business Development Bank of Canada, which will benefit both economic development professionals and their communities!

About BDC

  • BDC supports entrepreneurs in all industries and at all stages of development from more than 100 business centres across Canada.
  • BDC is committed to the long-term success of Canadian entrepreneurs and have the tools and experience to help make it happen.
  • BDC complements the role played by private-sector financial institutions and have been serving Canadian entrepreneurs since 1944.
  • With BDC, entrepreneurs have the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced, knowledgeable and committed adviser in their corner.
  • BDC understands that a business is more than just dollars and cents. That’s why they look at it as a whole, including the owner’s vision for the future.
  • BDC is a financially sustainable Crown corporation and they operate at arm’s length from their sole shareholder, the Government of Canada.
  • BDC has been profitable every year since 1998, paying $417 million in dividends to their shareholder. Stay tuned for information and opportunities from BDC.

If you have a story on how BDC has positively effect your community please email it to info@edac.ca or tweet us @E_D_A_C. We’d love to hear from you and grow the value in this partnership!