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Where Living Works campaign

Submitted ByThe Corporation of the Town of Oakville

Business thrives in Oakville, because people thrive in Oakville. It’s more than balancing work and life. It’s established neighborhoods, acclaimed schools, and abundant parklands – all in one place.

The purpose of this project was to create advertising materials that would generate awareness and attract new investment to Oakville’s office market. Through interactions with existing companies and partners in FDI we learned that Oakville’s livability remains a top driver for new investment. The campaign, Where Living Works, was designed to bring awareness to the advantages of choosing a location in Oakville. Taking an asset-focused approach allowed the advertisements to highlight the town’s livability by showcasing established neighbourhoods, acclaimed schools and, abundant parklands. Through the creation of these materials, community capacity to attract FDI and local investment improved and foreign investor awareness of potential FDI opportunities increased.

The Where Living Works campaign is in direct support of investment attraction action items outlined in Oakville’s FDI Strategy and Action Plan, and Oakville’s five-year Economic Development Strategy: 2019 – 2024.

Oakville’s FDI Strategy focuses on three main pillars for FDI: a sector focus identifying professional and financial services, and digital media and ICT as having the greatest potential; key channels to market listing the United States as Oakville’s primary target; and business retention and aftercare initiatives with foreign-owned companies operating in Oakville. A key action item identified in the FDI Strategy is the creation of marketing materials for regional and provincial partner use during in-market missions and through partner promotional channels.

Oakville’s Economic Development Strategy was built on objectives identified in the FDI strategy and outlined actionable goals to support long-term economic growth. The three goals identified in the strategy focus on attracting new investment, responding to the needs of local businesses, and supporting its commercial districts. The first two goals identify key initiatives focused on FDI that directly align with the project.

To date, the campaign has been shared via paid promotion on Site Selection and Area Development. As key aspects of our digital marketing strategy, these two online publications are both considered among the industry’s most respected and frequently utilized research tools for C-suite decision makers when looking to expand and relocate. Together, these paid promotions targeted Oakville’s primary market, the United States, and are expected to generate approximately 500 gross impressions. In addition to these paid promotions, the campaign has been shared on various social media platforms by our regional and provincial partners: Halton Region, Toronto Global, and Invest Ontario.

This project allowed the department to create versatile promotional materials that we can use in our continued efforts to attract FDI and local investment to Oakville.

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