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Immigration Fredericton is submitting its immigration website for the 2019 EDAC Marketing Canada Awards.

The Immigration Fredericton Website is a one-stop-shop for all things immigration-related in the city of Fredericton. This website was launched on June 7, 2019, alongside the city’s five-year immigration strategy, and We Speak Welcome social campaign. The website was created in order to streamline and centralize all population growth efforts and the settlement process, with the goal of helping newcomers simplify and enhance their transition to life in Fredericton.

For Fredericton, immigration is at the forefront of economic development. In the latest (2018) Fredericton Growth Strategy within the Municipal Plan, the city reported that it needed to increase its population by more than 1,000 people each year, with a target of 32,000 by 2043. This is an aggressive but achievable target. 

The Immigration Fredericton Website serves as the digital communication tool that helps the region reach its population growth targets, stimulate the local economy, and develop more inclusive and diverse workplaces. This website helps maximize newcomers’ passions,  prospects, and potential in the city of Fredericton by allowing them to learn about the city through our one-stop-shop portal. The site is comprehensive: it allows newcomers to connect with the city’s services, make informed choices about their lives here, and answer any questions they might have about immigrating to Fredericton and the lifestyle our city enjoys. Moreover, one of our goals was to create a platform that is simple to navigate and easily accessible, serving as an invaluable resource to our newcomers. Our design and content was centered around this objective.

Furthermore, this digital communication tool aims to improve coordination, multiple agendas, duplication efforts, and unfilled gaps between the 19 local immigration support organizations in the city. Our top priority is to streamline our city’s settlement and immigration services, and this portal serves as one of our most useful tools.

We take a number of actions to ensure our site stays current and up-to-date. On a regular basis, we use HubSpot and Google Analytics in order to track the data on our website. In addition, we do a monthly review of our site and update as needed.

Accompanying our portal is a social media campaign, which serves as part of a broader strategy aimed at driving traffic to our site and supporting our goals of celebrating diversity and bringing newcomers to Fredericton. The We Speak Welcome campaign operates under the Immigration Fredericton brand, and was launched alongside the website. In addition, we have filmed one video that has been released under the Immigration Fredericton brand, and another that is planned to be completed soon.

Since we launched our portal on June 7, we have seen over 800 unique visitors to our site. In addition, Fredericton has welcomed over 470 newcomers to our region, with a substantial number of site visits and potential immigrants in our pipeline. We believe that this portal will allow us to meet and surpass the goals outlined above.