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Vertical Farming Campaign

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The purpose of the vertical farming campaign was to increase awareness among influencers and decision makers that vertical farming is a compelling economic development opportunity in Durham Region. This was a four-part campaign which included geotargeted paid campaign banner ads, a geotargeted paid campaign video, a LinkedIn paid campaign video, and a landing page. It was promoted between November 20, 2019 to December 18, 2019.

Through vertical farming stacked layers, Durham Region farmers can use less water, reduce pesticides, and continue a focus on sustainability. Vertical farming also uses less land for food production. Incorporating vertical farming into existing traditional farm operations allows producers to increase yield and diversify their business, all while producing fresh, healthy food for residents.

Vertical farming provides us with the chance to utilize our partnerships within the farming community. It offers an outlet to showcase state-of-the-art practices, industry research and innovation. And, it would allow us to further adapt to a changing climate.

A goal of this campaign was to influence decision-makers to consider the economic opportunity for vertical farms in Durham Region. In addition, to provide influencers and decision makers a background understanding of vertical and indoor farming. Economic development influencers were targeted to show that farming innovation lives in Durham Region. Geotargeting gathered influencers in Ottawa as well as at constituency offices in Mississauga and Montreal. LinkedIn targeted by employer, including both federal parties, employees of key government offices, and investment attraction agencies.

The click through rate on the banner ads (.31% CTR) had better results than the video (.02% CTR for geotargeted video and .18% CTR for the LinkedIn video ad); banner ads are typically delivered in retargeting to those who watched the video to completion. The view through rate for the video was high (35,276 for geotargeted video ad and 3,557 views on LinkedIn). This result demonstrates the retargeting strategy works; curiosity to learn more is driven through repetition of message. Comparing the website traffic on the vertical farming landing page to similar pages in the same period, this campaign (agri-business had 76 page views and vertical farming had 648 page views) resulted in a more than 750% increase in traffic to Invest Durham pages on agri- business than would be expected in the same period. In addition, 54 new followers were added to the Invest Durham LinkedIn pages in the period of this campaign.

The landing page has continued to be available on the Invest Durham website since the campaign has ended and is updated with new information as we continue to engage with the farming community.

Vertical Farming landing page link

Vertical farming video: