Value Prop Video

Submitted ByRegional Municipality of Durham

Purpose: The Economic Development Division undertakes investment attraction activities and is responsible for investment promotion marketing strategy. To effectively promote Durham Region for investment, the consistent use of key statements ensures coordinated and aligned messaging.  

A four-pillar domestic investment attraction value proposition was developed based on Durham Region’s economic sector strengths, assets, innovation community, and talent, and in coordination with the Durham Economic Development Partnership – which includes Economic Development staff from all of Durham’s Area Municipalities.  

Created specifically with a Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and domestic audience in mind, the value proposition includes memorable branded statements. These statements are designed to be useful at all levels of government, from staff to elected official, when speaking about why Durham Region is the best opportunity for investment in the GTHA. The value prop messages were shared with local stakeholders such as economic development professionals, mayors, and CAOs for use in various situations such as media interviews, when speaking to the Commercial/Industrial Realtor and Development community, or to business audiences. 

When we held a realtor and developer-specific event in the fall of 2021, we wanted a way to visually represent our value proposition message in a short video to entice and educate the Ontario commercial and industrial realtor community on the assets of Durham Region. Using existing footage from previous projects, and music commissioned by a local artist, we were able to create the Value Prop Video. 

Effectiveness: This project was effective in not only conveying the message for this event, but it has become a tool used more broadly, for other marketing and communications projects targeting key sectors, international investors and site selectors. Used in multiple campaigns, this video has a combined 72,504 views on Invest Durham channels such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

Challenges: A challenge in this project was an inability to gather new content due to the pandemic. Working with partners in tourism, area municipalities, and post-secondary schools we overcame this challenge and used existing footage. In addition, the project required a quick turnaround. From initial conception to final product, we only had a few weeks to write the content, determine the shot list, and have it edited with graphics to be ready for the event. Using existing footage and an approach that required only re-editing, we successfully met our initial release deadline. 

Impact: Key statements from our value proposition are now routinely used in media interviews, with potential investors, and in other avenues. Through this video, we are also able to more widely, quickly, and memorably convey the opportunity for investment in Durham Region. 

Sustainability: Because only existing footage, and the content of the delivery is digital, there is negligible ecological, and budget impacts from the creation of this video.