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Town of Whitby General Overview and Sector Profiles

Submitted ByTown of Whitby

The Town of Whitby general overview (four pages) and sector profiles (each two pages) serve as foundational materials to market Whitby for further business expansion and investment.  The need to create sector profiles was identified as an action item in the recently adopted 2022-2026 Economic Development Strategy.

The purpose of this publication is to create digital and print handout materials that can be used when responding to business investment leads. For leads within one of our four key sectors, a subsequent profile is sent to them. Our four target sectors are:

  • Professional and technical services
  • Information and communications technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Downtowns and lifestyle


The objective of this publication is to develop a consistent structure with incorporated content for a general community overview and sector profiles. The general overview includes community information that communicates the town’s value proposition. Key messages include:

  • The remarkable transformation occurring in Whitby from a quiet suburban community to a thriving commercial centre
  • Extraordinary growth which has attracted diversity and new ideas, experiences and development
  • Access to a labour force pipeline with graduating students and post-secondary investments
  • Real estate savings in both non-residential and residential markets
  • Quality of place amenities such as the waterfront, downtowns and arts and cultural experiences

Specific content for each of the sectors includes:

  • Key assets and recent investments
  • Number of jobs and number of businesses
  • Company profiles with the Town of Whitby that includes business testimonial quotes about why they enjoy being located here


With the draft content, the economic development officer then engaged a marketing firm to design the publication and refine its content. The outcome of this publication was a cohesive narrative of a community in transformation and opportunities to be a part of the economic future. This material is easily submitted as one streamlined package for our investment leads. Modifications can also be made easily to account for any real estate market changes in availability.