Time for Timmins

Submitted ByTimmins Economic Development Corporation

There are countless reasons why Timmins, ON is a great place to live, learn, work and play, but we’ve highlighted the top 10 on our new website: aims to attract young professionals and families from the region and throughout the province. If you’re looking for work, look here! Right now, Timmins has opportunities in mining, forestry, retail, social services and administration, health and many other industries and sectors. A lower cost of living and more disposable income means getting ahead faster and enjoying yourself along the way. Housing and rental costs are lower here than most cities in the province of Ontario which means your cost of living is reduced.

Our tagline “Time for Timmins”, to be shared in our upcoming marketing plan, signifies to our audience that living in Timmins gives you more time to spend with family and friends. We’re capitalizing on our plentiful recreational features including a downhill ski resort, several golf courses, a cross-country skiing club, 55km of trails and multiple provincial parks and campgrounds within an hour of the city centre.

One of the challenges of marketing local economic development is identifying your target audience. The Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) markets itself as a one-stop-shop that fills the gaps at all levels of economic development from entrepreneurship and innovation to immigration and community development. Naturally, our website became a catchall for all of our clients’ unique needs. We wanted to differentiate the various services we offer and create a positive experience for our visitors.

Our goal for the new site was to keep it simple, clean and concise, while encouraging visitors to get in touch for more information. In 2019, when the City of Timmins was selected as one of 11 communities across Canada to participate in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot project, the natural home for information on the program was the TEDC website. Shortly after the launch of the RNIP program, the TEDC undertook a website overhaul. The RNIP program still had a place on the immigration section of our new TimminsEDC site, but we noticed a missed opportunity.

We saw untapped potential in the surrounding regions for newcomer attraction. Young professionals in southern Ontario are struggling to tap into the housing market and get ahead in their careers. Surrounding areas share similar industries and talent that we want to tap into. and our forthcoming marketing initiatives will target these areas and audiences and attract new talent to Timmins.