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The Town of Sundre is a community located on the frontier of the eastern Rocky Mountains, in the foothills. It is a community with a booming tourism industry, and dynamic and diverse economy centred in Forestry, Oil and Gas, Tourism, Public Sector, Light Manufacturing, and Cannabis cultivation. In 2016, the population of the town was 2,729.


An entire online presence that links together across multiple sites for community growth, investment attraction, and tourism promotion.
The Department of Economic Development developed a set of assets that utilized a communications ecosystem that connects all web projects.


In partnership with area municipalities, an economic development website was developed using LocalIntel’s platform. (see

This BIA website’s tools are also embedded into the brand-new municipal website, also developed by the economic development department. To see the quality and interactivity of the new municipal website, visit

For investor convenience, the pages with embedded EcDev tools can be found here and here.

During the development of the prime municipal site, a tourism site was also developed as a subdomain (using auto redirect of the marketed address), carrying forward communications and branding elements of the municipal site and the EcDev site. Visit to see the impressive new tourism sub-site.

The tourism, economic development and municipal websites were all backhanded by an impressive new Mobile app. The app features an interactive business directory, interactive trails map, and many other features like push notifications. Download it today by searching Town of Sundre on your preferred mobile device.

All of these new assets were developed by the Town of Sundre’s economic development department at roughly the same time, with the intention of coalescing into a new and modern ecosystem of online communications.


Aligning needs of stakeholders and multiple town departments to ensure all expectations were met was a challenge. For instance, making it easier for users of the main website to submit information or events, etc., was a priority. So, we were able to ensure that interactive forms were developed.


Municipal: this site within the ecosystem needed to be simple enough for an aging user to navigate. As a regular resident, the site was made simple enough for the average 60 year old to use.

Tourism: This site was geared toward 40 year old women with families.

Economic Development: This site was geared toward decision makers of about 40.

Mobile app: This app was geared toward those young enough to understand apps, yet simple enough to use for an aging person. The target age is approximately 50.