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Succeeding Together Apparel

Submitted ByFlagstaff County

Purpose of Project:

The Flagstaff Region is a rural “Community of Communities” and has a population of 8,043, which is inclusive of eight towns and villages. Succeeding Together is a collective impact project aimed at highlighting and celebrating a culture of support throughout the Flagstaff Region. Succeeding Together is about sharing and celebrating how we work together for the success and sustainability of the Flagstaff Region. It is about looking towards the future to ensure we remain a collaborative, innovative, and welcoming region that has opportunity for growth and success. The initiative is centered around amplifying stories of success and building pride in the region through the following six pillars:

‘Made in Flagstaff’ – Makers/Crafters

‘Hustle & Heart’ – Small Business

‘Fueled by Flagstaff’ – Oil & Gas

‘Flagstaff Proud’ – Community Pride

‘Let It Grow’ – Agriculture

‘Est. 1912’ – History

To help promote this collective impact project, an apparel line was created with each pillar having its own design. The purpose of this, was to provide residents with a way to proudly showcase their pride and support of the Flagstaff Region.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives:

The Succeeding Together apparel line is an ongoing extensive campaign that includes social media, search engine optimization, and the use of an online website to showcase and retail the apparel. To further hit the campaign objectives of building Flagstaff Region pride, we retailed the apparel line at two local businesses throughout the region in 2021. A total of $500 was brought in from the sales ($5.00 from each purchase) and given to two local charities. Another order of apparel was placed due to the high volume of sales in popular sizes.


The biggest challenge was determining how to go about retailing the apparel. We combated this by providing different ways in which the public could purchase the apparel – Online, at the Flagstaff County Administration office, and at local businesses.

Target Audience:

Our target demographic is both males/females (both with and without children), between the ages of 18-50. It is intended for those who both live or lived in the Flagstaff Region and want to showcase their pride and support for the Flagstaff Region.


As a municipality, we understand that we are to act as an ambassador for our residents. The Succeeding Together collective impact project allows us to promote the outstanding pillars of our region and influence people to continually showcase their pride, passion, and support so our “community of communities” can continue to proposer and grow.