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Spruce Grove Here We Grow Profile Series

Submitted ByThe City of Spruce Grove

The City of Spruce Grove’s Economic & Business Development Department is proud to submit the latest update to our Here We Grow profile series.  The series consists of three brochures that individually promote our commercial and industrial environments and investment opportunities, as well as the characteristics and qualities of our community as a place to live, visit, and work.

This new design follows a ‘supermarket tabloid’ style with Spruce Grove the ‘celebrity behind the gossip’.  The bright colors, titles, and bold headlines are meant to draw the readers in, encouraging them to flip through and learn more.  Containing plenty of key information and lots of visuals, each brochure is a quick-to-read 8 pages in length.

The Here We Grow Industrial profile highlights our strategic location, competitive land and taxation rates, and key industrial sectors.  The Commercial profile promotes Spruce Grove’s newest major commercial developments, the trade area demographics spending, and retail opportunities.  Our Community brochure captures Spruce Grove’s overall quality of life including our diverse housing options, sports and recreation, culture, and more.

With the cohesive design and messaging, the brochures are used together as part of our investment promotional packages.