Advertising Campaign

Revitalizing Hamilton Commercial District CIP Campaign

Submitted ByCity of Hamilton

The Revitalizing Hamilton Commercial District Community Improvement Plan (RHCD CIP) advertising campaign was created with the purpose of promoting new opportunities and incentives available through the revised RHCD CIP that was approved by Council in September 2021.

Community Improvement Plans are planning tools that can be difficult to understand and hard to find. Our objective with the campaign was to break down information into an easy-to-understand and visual campaign that would be able to target the right audiences on incentive programs and opportunities. Our social media campaign consisted of catchy verbiage with “billboard-like-text” and imagery that aimed to resonate with the audience.

The key elements of the campaign were to:

  • Market incentives offered for incorporating environmental and housing affordability measures into developments,
  • Market incentives offered for establishing start-up or office space in Hamilton and,
  • Market incentives for a new commercial vacancy assistance program.