Advertising Campaign

Rediscover Princeton Advertising Campaign

Submitted ByTown of Princeton


Princeton is a small town located in the shadow of the Cascade Mountain region of British Columbia.  Historically considered by most as a “drive through community” for food and gas the goal of the campaign was to direct provincial, regional and international travelers to make the turn off the highway into town to explore and make Princeton a must-see destination.  Following the flooding event of November 2021, the need to let the world know that Princeton was once again reopen for business became even more paramount.


The biggest challenge faced by this marketing campaign was to generate awareness that Princeton was well on the road to recovery from the flood, show the public that our businesses were open for business and welcome them not only for the tourist season but also yearlong.

The second challenge faced was to change the mindset that Princeton is more than just a drive through community located between the lower mainland and Okanagan regions of British Columbia.  Marketing the fact that Princeton is the Bronze Sculpture Capital of Canada and an excellent place to spend a day exploring all the other things Princeton has to offer.  All ads were designed to promote that fact, and “The Bronze Sculpture Capital of Canada was prominent on all advertisements for this campaign.


Target Audience:

The target audience for the campaign was all ages of the traveling public with a focus specifically on day trippers.  The goal was to generate awareness about Princeton, to let people know that the town had survived the flood and was well on the road to recovery and to get the message out that Princeton is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.



Since the launch of the campaign over 26 million impressions of the #Rediscover Princeton ad have been delivered across print, digital, billboard and various other mediums.  This has resulted in a 30% increase in travelers to our Visitor Centre with each month of 2022 being a new record for that month.  These numbers have translated over to many local businesses that are also reporting record sales.