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Primary Industry Social Media Campaign

Submitted ByCity of Campbell River Economic Development

EDAC 2022 Marketing Canada Awards
Submission from the City of Campbell River Economic Development
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City of Campbell River Economic Development


Project Overview

The City of Campbell River Economic Development team worked with Tremain Media (contractor) to launch the City of Campbell River’s Primary Industry Social Media Campaign on November 1, 2021. This multi-video informational campaign featured two primary industries with deep roots in Campbell River: forestry and aquaculture. The campaign ran until mid-February 2022, with a break during December 2021.

Campaign videos were shared on various City of Campbell River social channels: Twitter (, Facebook (, LinkedIn ( and YouTube ( The campaign included both paid and organic content.

Taglines at the end of each video echoed the City of Campbell River Economic Development’s branding and our “Naturally, Campbell River” logo. Both the videos and social posts featured calls to action that directed people to a landing page on our department’s TECHatchery website that was created for this campaign:  From that landing page, which also includes information about other industries in Campbell River, visitors could access additional sector-specific information.

The forestry videos are available to view in the “Campbell River’s Forest Sector” playlist on the City of Campbell River’s YouTube channel (CityofCampbellRiver). The aquaculture videos are available in the “Aquaculture in Campbell River” playlist.

Purpose of Project

Historically, forestry and aquaculture have been part of Campbell River’s economic backbone. They continue to be significant economic contributors today. These industries provide stock that people want, create jobs within our community and also help to support a variety of small businesses that provide them with goods and services. With changing times, these industries have also had to change in order to thrive. We wanted to showcase these sectors and how they’re innovating and evolving to stay and grow in Campbell River.

Target Audience

A primary aim of this informational campaign was to create content that could be used to share current information about the local forest and aquaculture industries with the public and other levels of government.

The campaign also presented opportunities for us to engage with the local business community while highlighting local industry successes and opportunities for a wider audience. Tremain Media conducted demographic and geo-location research to identify target audiences working in forestry and aquaculture by profession, age and location.

Changes Made

We planned to publish videos with a focus on First Nations communities, but we decided to remove them in order to be sensitive to the political and cultural events that were unfolding at the time.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives

The campaign was an effective tool to facilitate conversations with our business community. Our local business community was seeking support to help share this information, and provided us with data for the campaign. Members of the business community also connected with us as a result of the campaign.

Campaign engagement was 5.9 per cent on Twitter, 4 per cent on LinkedIn and 6.9 per cent on Facebook. On YouTube, there were more than 2,296 campaign views, with an audience retention rate of 89.6 per cent. A full analytics report is included as a supporting document.