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Perspective Guelph 2021

Submitted ByCity of Guelph


Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes): The purpose of this project was to showcase Guelph and all the great things the city has to offer. We wanted to increase awareness of the city, increase inquiries from site selectors and realtors, talent attraction, showcase tourism opportunities, show how local businesses have shifted operations during COVID, showcase our patio program, and more.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known): The Perspective Guelph piece was very successful for us. We worked with Perspective Marketing to develop the document and helped shape the theme and curate the stories. It was distributed to all Globe and Mail subscribers, Provincial site selection contacts, business partners, and we received copies to distribute through events and to prospective businesses. While we can’t tie the promotional piece directly to a specific investment, the overall awareness itself was a huge success. Perspective also shared the piece through their social media channels and through an additional digital campaign to increase viewership. Feedback from businesses involved was very positive and they were all very happy to be featured. It also helped us continue building our strong relationships with local businesses.

Challenges & Changes made

One challenge we faced was that we had to narrow down our stories as we only had limited space to work with. We brought our team together and went through our possible options and prioritized the most effective stories for inclusion. We also had the challenge of choosing businesses to feature. We worked with our economic development officers to identify the ones we thought would be most effective and then approached them.

Target Audience (demographics)

The target audience for Perspective Guelph was prospective businesses, site selectors, realtors, and local businesses.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories

We launch a Perspective Guelph publication every year and we try to always make it as effective as possible. We review each year to learn what we did well, what we can improve on, and brainstorm new ideas to make it more effective.

Any details regarding the sustainability of your project

We tried to make this publication as inclusive as possible for all audiences.