Video – Make A Move

Submitted ByCity of Hamilton

Purpose of Project

Hamilton is quickly becoming known as an attractive and very popular live, work and play alternative for those in Toronto.  As cost of living vastly increases and housing options are lessening in Toronto, many are looking to Hamilton to move their home and business.  The lure of brick and beam heritage buildings, ample public transportation options, affordable living spaces, and a hip and rising arts, culture and culinary scene has drawn many young people to Hamilton.

This video in particular was produced from a young professional talent and retention perspective.  We wanted to build on the fact that the largest cohort of Hamilton’s population is the millennial generation and entice even more young people to be part of the buzz here and to join the numerous firms that are populating our downtown office spaces.  Whether working for someone or working for themselves, we wanted to show the office options and the cool quality of life that happens after 5pm and on the weekends.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known)?

This was a very effective video as it was produced in such a way to provide the sights and excitement that a millennial audience is looking for and at the same time works to make a soft, but important, sell about the office space that exists here.  Many millennials who viewed the video shared it widely on their social channels (reaching target audience through third party influencers) and become one of the most watched videos for Hamilton Economic Development in recent years.

Challenges & Changes Made

The challenge was to create a video that talked about office space, but had to keep in mind a millennial audience that didn’t want to see the “hard infrastructure sell”.  So, we focused more on the office space as part of the lifestyle, but not the leading factor of the video.  The millennials we spoke to while scripting the video wanted to learn more about things like the culinary scene and culture scene if they were going to make a life and a living here.  So, the final product is an amalgam of that and with a carefully curated song that implicitly matched the message we wanted but done so with such a catchy tune.

Target Audience (demographics)

Primary Audience: millennials who are looking for a new place to live, work and play in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

Secondary Audience: Investors who are looking for a city close to Canada’s largest city that has a young vibe to it and can draw a young and talented workforce.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories

We believe we conceived and executed something that is a wonderful balance of economic development and tourism that reaches a target audience quite effectively.  No longer do investors want just the numbers, but they also want to know the quality of place- particularly for young tech firms.  We feel this business focused, yet culture friendly piece achieves both.