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loveSTC Virtual Grand Opening & Pet-Friendly Patio Kits

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loveSTC Virtual Grand Opening
& Pet-Friendly Patio Kits

While the pandemic has had a profound impact on the economic engines of
St. Catharines, the City of St. Catharines has played a lead role in supporting the business community and charting a course for recovery by redefining how to utilize corporate expertise, existing assets, capacities, partnerships, strengths and resources. To support business openings during the pandemic, the City developed two targeted initiatives that promoted the strength of its loveSTC brand. This included: virtual grand opening kits and pet friendly patio kits.


Virtual Grand Opening Kits

Supports new businesses celebrating their grand openings when stay-at-home orders and public health measures limited public gatherings.

The outcome of these initiatives is to raise greater awareness for new businesses opening in the city and establish a relationship between the City and business owners to help foster and encouraging entrepreneurship and investment in

St. Catharines.

Kits include:

– loveSTC branded ribbon

– Scissors

– Sanitizer

– A guide to celebrating virtually and submitting details for free business listings on

– Contact information for City staff and how to access other City programs and services.

Pet-Friendly Patio Kits

Supports businesses offering outdoor dining at the beginning of patio season. The kits featured materials and supplies needed to create a pet-friendly space as well as branded loveSTC marketing collateral. A targeted marketing campaign was developed that supported local and encouraged consumers to safely return to in-person dining at St. Catharines restaurants.

Kits include:

– loveSTC branded water bowl

– Dog treats

– Waste bags

– Sanitize

– Pet-friendly patio signs and marketing materials

– Guide to sharing loveSTC pet-friendly patio content online

The City sourced materials and supplies from local businesses. Staff assembled the kits while following appropriate public health protocols and safely, and personally, distributed virtual grand opening kits to new businesses and pet-friendly patio kits to restaurants that requested them.

Target Audience / Key Messages


Provide businesses a fun and creative way to celebrate their grand opening virtually.

Business community

The City supports local businesses through innovative programs and services.


Support local. Find out fun and safe ways to support your favourite local business.


The virtual grand opening and pet-friendly patio promotional items proved to be successful campaigns by providing businesses useful, branded items along with guidance on how to leverage the strength of the loveSTC support local campaign to amplify their own marketing activities.

The kits also provided tools for businesses to engage with consumers on different levels. In the case of grand opening kits, they allowed business owners the ability to share their opening to a wider audience. With the dog-friendly patio kits, they engaged consumers looking to bring their pets to enjoy outdoor dining while providing a unique way to promote the start of patio season in the city.

The initiatives also helped the City strengthen its relationships within the business community and enhance its reputation for supporting business success.

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