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“Location” Consider It Done – Radio Spot

Submitted ByThe City of Mount Pearl


Radio is a tough medium to stand out in. And with more than 250 cities, towns, and municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Economic Development landscape is competitive.

Research revealed that businesses around the Avalon Peninsula held a ‘dull’ and ‘stagnant’ perception of the city. They were aware of Mount Pearl, but it wasn’t listed high on their consideration list. There was also a lack of awareness around the city’s key features and business credentials.

The key objective was to attract new businesses to the City of Mount Pearl. To do this, the city had to differentiate itself by building awareness, trust, and confidence – ultimately breaking down the barriers and obstacles around being an “un-city” to strengthen the relationship with the business community.

The target audience was small business owners looking to expand (skewed male, aged 35-48+, in business 3-5+ years, with 15-20+ employees). Particularly focused on technology and retail-based small businesses.


Mount Pearl has a strong sense of home and authenticity. They are partners. They are responsive. They’re also easy to do business with. Making the lives of businesses and residents better is their number one priority.

So, how does a small city like Mount Pearl stand out and break through the clutter in radio? They stay true to who they are.

The radio needed to demonstrate how the City of Mount Pearl is an engaged, ‘people first’ city. When you’re ready to open a business, consider Mount Pearl. And we’ll consider it done.


When somebody is looking for a location for their business, they naturally have lots of questions – about infrastructure, permitting, taxes, growth, and how involved the city will be in their new venture. The ‘Consider it Done’ campaign aims to answer all of these questions.

Specifically, as part of a fully integrated campaign, the 30-second radio spot titled Location, demonstrates how Mount Pearl is different, and is driven by emotion and humanity, not bureaucracy. It speaks to the ‘can do’ and ‘get it done’ attitude, flexibility, and exceptional service unique to Mount Pearl. The City has a sense of humour rather than self-importance. It’s a welcoming city with a deep sense of home, happy with the simpler side of life. It wears its heart on its sleeve. The call to action – “Want your business in a city that staffs people, not robots? Consider it done.”


Not only did the ‘Consider it Done’ campaign articulate the Mount Pearl’s innovative mindset and forward-thinking business practices, it also delivered tangible results.

The four-week campaign delivered to a potential audience of over 118,000 each week. The radio spots showed how Mount Pearl is different in big ways.

Most importantly, Mount Pearl welcomed 27 new businesses since launch, and received over 40 new permit applications. This was accompanied by a vacancy rate drop from 16.57% to 10.41%.

If you want a city that treats you like a partner not a number, ‘Consider it Done’.

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