Lands of Opportunity – A Time‐Lapse of Development of BWG’s Employment Area

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CATEGORY: Other Promotions – Video
TITLE: Lands of Opportunity – A Time-Lapse of Development of BWG’s Employment Area
AUTHORS: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
CONSULTANT: Richard Yagutilov


The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s (BWG) core economic development strategic priorities include business attraction to the newly developed properties in its Highway 400 Employment Lands – representing 900 acres of developable, fully-serviced industrial/ commercial properties.

The properties, lining six kilometres on the west and east sides of Highway 400, are the next frontier of economic growth for BWG. Privately held, the Office of Economic Development works hand-in-hand with local owners/developers to find the optimal mix of clientele interested in establishing a presence in this emerging economic corridor.

The properties located at the southwest corner of Highway 400 and 88 were the first to be developed for new business. Owned and developed by Strathallen Capital Corporation, the ‘Strathallen Lands’ represent 100 acres with 16 separate parcels. Promotion of these properties has been a key focus of the OED, which has produced an Economic Development Marketing Strategy focused on business attraction in the Highway 400 Employment Lands, a Highway 400 Employment Lands brochure and video development for its new website,

Lands of Opportunity is the latest video produced by the OED to demonstrate the attractiveness and opportunity that awaits in this growing economic area.


The OED worked with local videographer, Richard Yagutilov, to document the development of the Strathallen Lands. The challenge included utilizing a combination of strategically-placed Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, drone technology, marketing materials and video production software to create time-lapsed videos of the development of the property.

The process required establishing encroachment and liability agreements with local contractors and sub-contractors to place the cameras on the development site. It also included all necessary permissions for operating drone technology in the vicinity of the Highway 400 corridor, and establishing the required power supply feeds and wireless telecommunications in the work zone.


The marketing efforts of the OED have yielded an incredible response, with overwhelming demand for investment opportunities in the Strathallen Lands. In a few short years, the parcels are already 90 per cent sold, with most of the remaining properties going through the due diligence process for purchase.

The first clients include MiTek Canada and Hampton Hotels. MiTek, a leader in the home building industry with its production of industrial fasteners, joists and other fabricated components, is expanding with a new 240,000 square foot manufacturing and administrative facility on-site. Hampton’s investment in BWG represents the first by a hotel group. Its luxury 100-room, 50,000 square foot hotel will provide welcome accommodations for visitors to BWG and the surrounding area – with both contributing to economic sustainability.

Active media, including online video, is increasingly important to professionally market to those actively scouting locations for business investment opportunities and decision-makers, and BWG’s efforts on the digital frontier and translating to multiple industrial and commercial investments.

Calls concerning site selection are now daily, representing an approximately 40 per cent increase.