Brand Identity / Application

Kingston Destination Brand

Submitted ByKingston Economic Development Corporation

Kingston Economic Development looks to grow Kingston, be that through large investments, supporting start-ups and fostering young professionals to put down roots in the city. Together with Tourism Kingston, Kingston Accommodation Partners and the Kingston Film Office to incorporate a connected branding strategy with Kingston Economic Deveolpment. This begins with Kingston as a destination to visit, stay, live, work and invest. The Kingston logo is shared by all sections where distinctions on the segment are made underneath it. This intertwining of Kingston sectors has created consistency among Kingston across the map, making it clear when something is done by a Kingston organization. At its roots, the brandings pillars are authentically hip, culturally vibrant, and constantly evolving. This represents Kingston’s passionate workforce full of entrepreneurs, business owners, innovators, and global thinkers. The smart and affluent population that inspires changemakers, embraces creativity and cultivates diversity. And Kingston’s blossoming innovative sectors, the brand will grow as Kingston does. The vision is Kingston – Fresh Made Daily, where ingenuity and creativity are celebrated, creators and entrepreneurs thrive, and new ideas are born every day. To match this vision, Kingston have implemented a creative style into their brand through their websites, social media platforms and road signs. All created through the same formula. It begins with the message; from the image that speaks to the vision. These images include people, as Kingston prides itself in our incredible residents. On top of the image, we implement bold brightly colored “power words” designed to strike a strong impression in the viewer they are large, translucent, all in Zahrah font and chosen from one of the four primary or four secondary colors. Some examples of power words include; invest, thrive, empower, etc. Throughout the brand some key characteristics are represented, these include youthful, surprising, sophisticated, and authentic. 

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