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INVEST in Port Colborne

Submitted ByCity of Port Colborne

Purpose of project:

The objective of the project was to create investment attraction marketing materials that would function as executive summaries, providing adequate and relevant information needed by an investor during the early stages of the research process. As an investment attraction marketing tool, the each profile intended to highlight the competitiveness and locational advantages of investing in the City or Port Colborne.

In designing the profiles it was important that they were not only eye catching, but more importantly, that they captured key data sought by investors in an easily digestible format. The design of the profiles allows each to be easily included in site selection packages, tradeshows and as delegate bag inserts. The project is part of a broader effort by the Economic Development Division to build an inventory of marketing collateral.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective

Each publication has been well received by the City Council, municipal Economic Development Advisory Committee and potential investors. The publication was used at both the 2019 “Meet the Tourism Investment Dragons” event, presented by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport; and the Regional (EDCO) Showcase “Expanding to the North” organized by Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade and held during the Collision Technology Conference. Since presenting the publication at the May events, the Division has facilitated a number of site tours resulting in purchase offers received for 210 acres of development lands marketed by the City.

Each publication is available electronically and in print format. Due to budget and environmental considerations, a just-in-time approach is applied in the printing of the publications. Copies of the publications are uploaded to USB drives, with other investment specific resources, and provided to potential investors at events and in response to investment inquiries. Electronic copies were also supplied to the regional economic development office to be included in regional FDI initiatives.


Each publication was developed to allow the content to be easily customized to reflect additional sectors, as the need arise. By adopting an infographic approach to the design, design images can easily be re-purposed to be used in other promotions and campaigns. Examples are provided in appendix 1, where images from the publication were extracted and used in the creation of both Economic Development and Tourism Week social media campaigns.

Challenges & Changes made:

The Division set out to create five (5) 1-4-page profiles, one (1) providing a general overview of the community and four (4) sector specific profiles. Each sector profile outlined the structure, supply-chain, locational advantages and opportunities which existed within each sector. Due to limited resources, the scope of the project was scaled and a phased and just-in-time approach adopted.

Target Audiences:

Each profile is geared at investors, commercial realtors and site selectors, investment decisions makers (Ontario, Great Lake States), trade commissioners in Ontario and select overseas markets.