Advertising Campaign

Innisfil Business Workshop Series

Submitted ByTown of Innisfil
  • Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes)
    • The Business Workshop series was a series of 4 webinars for Innisfil businesses, entrepreneurs, and potential entrepreneurs to learn valuable digital eCommerce skills. Many businesses in Innisfil are successful, but still do not have a complete web presence which is why we put on this program.
    • The 4 workshops were: Small Business Websites 101, Google Analytics, Writing Successful Web Content, and SEO Fundamentals 101.
    • A digital ad campaign was created to drive sign-ups to each workshop. The campaign was focused on our email list, Facebook and Instagram. Each week featured a different ad and email for that specific workshop.
    • Our anticipated outcome was to get at least 20 local Innisfil attendees for each workshop. 
    • The target market was local-only Innisfil business owners and entrepreneurs of any size or stage of company.
  • Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known)
    • During the ad run, we spent $200 for each workshop totalling $800 over 4 weeks on Facebook/Instagram. We also sent 4 emails to our list of 3500+. There were 407 clicks, CPR of $1.97 a click, and 148 sign-ups combined. The campaign exceeded expectations by having an average of 37 attendees per workshop compared to our goal of 20. The campaign’s final cost metric is $5.40 spent on marketing per attendee.
  • Challenges & Changes made
    • One of the challenges was a noticeable drop-off of attendees due to how niche the first workshop was, compared to the last (websites 101 vs. Google analytics). With the success of the workshops, we are planning an in-person similar 4 workshops this fall. One of the changes we are making is keeping the topics broader and beginner friendly to appeal more to business owners who are not as technically savvy.