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Innisfil Business Mentor Program

Submitted ByTown of Innisfil
  • Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes)
    • The Innisfil Business Mentors was created to support local, Innisfil-based businesses on their road to recovery. It’s a handpicked team of local experts, based on community needs, that work with Innisfil-based businesses and entrepreneurs to provide individualised, one-to-one mentorship in key areas such as marketing and eCommerce, business and financial coaching, and more.
    • A digital ad was created to activate the program was created and focused on our Facebook and Instagram channels, and our email list.
    • Our anticipated outcome was to increase our uptake to 15 businesses taking advantage of the mentorship program.
  • Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known)
    • During the ad run, we spent $818 over 82 days ($10/day). There were 977 clicks, CPR of $0.84 a click, and 34 sign-ups to the program. The ad also generated a lot of engagement, publicity, and awareness to the residents of Innisfil. The campaign exceeded expectations with 34 sign-ups.
  • Challenges & Changes made
    • One of the challenges was due to Innisfil’s relatively small size, and our even smaller refined target market of Innisfil-based business owners and entrepreneurs, we had a hard getting the number of impressions we were looking for in a short timeframe at $50/day of ad spend. Instead, we decided to extend the campaign in time, and turn the spending down to be only $10/day. This worked almost immediately and we saw our cost per click drop significantly, and our sign-ups increased steadily.
    • Overall the Innisfil Business Mentor program continues to be a great success, uptake is great, and we have switched to a more organic approach to marketing it going forward.