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Newcomer Quick Resource Guide

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Immigration Fredericton is comprised of a large number of immigrant support organizations found within New Brunswick’s capital city. It has been designed with the needs of newcomers in mind – to help simplify and enhance the transition they face when setting up their new lives in Fredericton.   

In response to the influx of Ukrainian newcomers coming to Canada in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ignite Fredericton and Immigration Fredericton took the lead on developing a quick resource guide to help newcomers settle in the region. 

The physical resource guide in rack card format includes the phone numbers, email addresses, and short descriptions of local organizations that offer settlement support and other services specific to newcomers. Partners and support organizations that were listed on the rack card include Opportunities New Brunswick, The Multicultural Association of Fredericton, The New Brunswick Multicultural Council, The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, and Welkom-U. The card also includes a QR code that directs users to a page on the Immigration Fredericton website that includes our Newcomer Guide and the more in-depth Quick Resource Guide.  

The online, downloadable Quick Resource Guide is a more comprehensive guide that includes direct links to specific services and information relative to the needs of newly landed immigrants in Fredericton. Sections in the guide include information about housing, including heating, electrical, and internet service; banking; where to apply for drivers licenses, social insurance numbers, Medicare; information on where to find employment; transportation; information on local school districts; information about pharmacies, clinics, and mental health; and emergency services.  

50 copies of the rack card were printed and included in welcome bags that were distributed to Ukrainian newcomers arriving at the Moncton airport. This welcome initiative was in collaboration with Opportunities New Brunswick. 

Ignite Fredericton intends to print more copies of the rack cards to place in high traffic areas for newcomers such as the arrivals area at the Fredericton airport and City Hall.  

During the first month this resource became available, the page on the Immigration Fredericton website that hosts the document saw a total of 190 new unique page viewers. In addition to additional print copies that will be made and circulated around the city, the online resource guide will remain on the website as a one-stop guide for newly landed immigrants seeking to settle in the Fredericton region. Most recently we used the Newcomer Quick Resource Guide template to create a tailored version for our International Students who will be arriving or returning this fall.  

Resource Guide Rack Card 

Quick Resource Guide Web version