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As a major contributor to Canada’s Innovation Centre, and its strategic location within the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, it was important for Mississauga to create a brand for its Innovation District that would be locally and globally recognized as a critical asset that provides resources to support and nurture entrepreneurs and help scale-ups grow and be prosperous.

In February 2022, Mississauga launched a new brand for its innovation district, IDEA Mississauga.  To help build awareness of the new brand, and to promote Mississauga’s innovation ecosystem, we hired a video company – Memory Tree, to create an exciting and dynamic video to support the following objectives: Position Mississauga as a global leader of innovation; showcase Mississauga’s innovation assets in an authentic way; Create a sense of place for start-up/scale-ups to thrive and Celebrate Mississauga’s innovation success stories.

The 2 minute video is very effective in showcasing Mississauga’s Innovation District and its assets through testimonials from local innovation business leaders.  We selected three businesses from varying industries and stages of growth to share their innovation growth story and how Mississauga’s innovation ecosystem supported their journey to success.  Using Mississauga-based businesses was key in creating an authentic story on how Mississauga’s Innovation District supports innovation through mentorship, partners, talent and providing all the right connections to test and scale-up solutions to global challenges.

In addition to the two-minute video, three – 30 second videos were created for use on social and digital platforms.  Each video showcases one business leader’s success story, and its format can be replicated using other innovation leaders.

Since the IDea Mississauga videos launched in February 2022, we have seen the following notable outcomes:

  • Close to 500 views on Mississauga YouTube channels and 9 likes
  • 11,000 impressions from since Feb 2022 launch
  • 35k  impressions at Collision Conference 2022 – The video was playing at IDEA Mississauga booth

An unanticipated outcome that was realized is that the videos have become a valuable sales tool to generate interest in partnership and sponsorship opportunities with IDEA Mississauga.

A major challenge that was encountered in creating the video was that it was produced during the COVID-19 pandemic when there was still a degree of health and safety regulations in place.  This required extra filming time to ensure health and safety protocols were met, and creative filming and editing techniques, along with b-roll and outdoor footage was used to achieve our desired vision for the video.

IDEA Mississauga’s primary demographic group includes start-up and scale-up Entrepreneurs.  The Secondary target group is our innovation ecosystem that includes:  Public sector partners, business leaders & educators, internal City partners, established local business investors and foreign business investors.

As part of IDEA Mississauga’s value proposition, IDEA Mississauga offers programs that focus on sustainability, and inclusivity and support growing businesses that contribute to social and environmental change.

One of the businesses featured in the video, Ecosystem Informatics, was selected to demonstrate IDEA Mississauga’s commitment to support sustainable and environmentally conscious companies.

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