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Guelph Shops 2021 Holiday Campaign

Submitted ByCity of Guelph

Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes): The purpose of this project was to encourage local shopping during the holiday season. We began the campaign the day before Black Friday and ran it through Christmas to capture some of the biggest shopping days of the year. As part of the campaign we created a Guelph Shops Holiday Wish Book which featured more than 40 local business product and services. We were hoping to get 25 businesses to submit for inclusion in the Wish Book and we surpassed that number with 40. We worked with our local Chamber of Commerce and Tourism team to ensure we met all audience needs and hoped to increase local shopping over the holidays.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known): The Guelph Shops website was visited more than 20,000 times (more than 8,000 unique views) between November 25,2021 (launch) and now which was a huge spike and proves how successful our campaign was at reaching our target audience. We were hoping to get 25 businesses to submit for inclusion in the Wish Book and we surpassed that number with 40. Residents were very impressed with the full campaign and Wish Book and based on feedback they would like to see it again next year where we will try to increase our number of businesses included.

Challenges & Changes made

We had ran a Guelph Shops holiday campaign in 2020 however, this was the first time we tried it at this scale. We had huge plans and with the changing public health guidelines we had to keep adjusting to ensure what we were launching was appropriate based on current guidelines. We settled on a digital Wish Book versus a print one so that we could make changes live time and it proved to be very successful. We also weren’t sure how the campaign would be received by the general public and businesses so we worked with our business support partners to establish the best approach and had to make adjustments along the way.

Target Audience (demographics)

The target audience for this holiday campaign was all local residents who were doing holiday shopping.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories

We worked collaboratively with our business support partners, businesses, and residents to do our best to meet the needs of these stakeholders. Overall, the campaign was very successful and we are going to continue it during the holiday season of 2022 with even higher goals.

Any details regarding the sustainability of your project

We have worked where possible to avoid printing materials for Guelph Shops and to avoid print media outlets. We have also worked to make this website as inclusive as possible for all audiences. We featured businesses and business owners from various diverse backgrounds throughout the campaign.

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