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Gan Business App – Storefront Vacancy- Augmented Reality Project

Submitted ByTown of Gananoque

The Project

The Town of Gananoque developed a storefront vacancy project utilizing augmented reality (AR) and our goal is to showcase our vacant storefronts in a way that has never been done before. With the help of a tech company, we want entrepreneurs to envision their dream business up close while being right in front of one of our empty Gananoque storefronts.

In this case, the real object would be your storefront window, the focal point would be a pre-designed window decal. Once the user has downloaded the mandatory application on their device, they will be able to hold their device up to the decal on the storefront window. Once this step is completed, options will appear on their device of different potential business ideas, for example clothing store, bistro, etc. Users will click one of the options and a detailed 3D rendering of a store floorplan will appear on their screen.

Augmented reality, often abbreviated to AR, refers to a simple combination of real and virtual computer-generated worlds. Given a real subject, captured on video or camera, the technology ‘augments‘ that real-world image with extra layers of digital information into almost anything you can imagine.

If you see an object, for example a standard coffee cup, that is your object. Then the augmented reality component is added by even a small logo, a point that users can hold their electronic device (cellphone, iPad, etc.) toward the object to experience the augmented reality. Once mandatory application on the device has been downloaded and focal point found on real object, you will be able to see a 2D or 3D rendering of what has been designed for that specific object. in this case it could have been a 3D animated coffee mug which appears on your device saying “See you again soon!” It could be a talking character, to a pre-made video, to just about anything you want.

Benefits to the Storefront

  1. You will help ignite an entrepreneurial mindset for all
  2. Users will associate your vacant storefront with the new idea they have
  3. A source of free advertising and traffic to your vacant storefront
  4. This will leave a lasting impression whether users are looking to buy/rent now or in the future
  5. Allow for a clean and appealing storefront while waiting to be purchased or rented