Here We Grow Video

Submitted ByFlagstaff County

Purpose of Project:

The Flagstaff Region is a rural “Community of Communities” and has a population of 8,043, which is inclusive of eight towns and villages. The Flagstaff Region boasts one of the most economically competitive regions in rural Alberta, home to Alberta’s world-class energy and agricultural industries. The purpose of the “Here We Grow” video is to provide citizens, potential newcomers or investors, the opportunity to see how they can grow in the Flagstaff Region.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives:

In search of ways to showcase what our business community has to offer, the idea of a “feel-good” video to help get the message out about the community came to mind. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools used to connect with your audience, and by including actual business owners that live, work, and play in the area, it evoked an emotive response and encouraged viewers to build an emotional connection to the Flagstaff Region. The video currently has over 48,000 views on Facebook, and a total of 670 views on YouTube.


When trying to connect with the community on a more visual level, the biggest challenge was determining how to promote the video itself. Although we had success publishing it on our social media channels, there were still some challenges around how and where else to publish the promotional video. To help combat this, and to ensure viewers were seeing this publication, a landing page for the “Here We Grow” campaign was created. The Flagstaff Grows video currently lives on this landing page as well as on the Economic Development page on the Flagstaff County website.

Target Audience:

The targeted message is that Flagstaff County is a salt-of-the-earth place to live, work, and play, so the targeted audience is inclusive to those who are in the stage of life of wanting to lay down some roots or looking for support on starting up their business. (I’m not sure if I like this sentence. What are your thoughts?) The target audience is twofold – Firstly, to attract potential newcomers to the area, but also to build a sense of pride of not only business owners already in the area, but also residents of Flagstaff County.


This video was shot in the Flagstaff Region and includes well-established businesses, making it a great marketing tool for years to come.

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