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Project Purpose

OKGo is multi-year campaign created through a formal partnership between the COEDC, Accelerate Okanagan, and Tourism Kelowna, along with the participation of industry and post-secondary organizations. The OKGo website was created to showcase the campaign assets and tell stories of innovative entrepreneurs/industries driving the economy in the region with the objective of attracting business events, talent, entrepreneurs and business investment. The website features businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, including post secondary institutions, in the Central Okanagan who are making waves in their sector.
These engaging stories demonstrate the local and global impact that these businesses/entrepreneurs are making, sparking connection, excitement and sharing the value proposition of the region. It provides a cohesive story that can be shared and leveraged through each partner’s individual networks and stakeholders, furthering impact of our message to promote the region.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives

With the electronic strategy of this website being awareness, we are pleased with the traction the site has generated considering its launch was during the pandemic in uncertain times. The site provides a platform for regional industry innovation to be shared through video (videos highlighting the region as a whole, as well as stories by sector), social media kits, stories, and engaging storytelling imagery.
Since the website launch on July 5, 2021 it has had 18,640 views, 9,145 users, and 2,230 contact us page views. Outside of Canada the United States, and China are the other top user Countries.

Challenges & Changes

The website was initially planned prior to the onset of the pandemic, therefore the strategic focus and the implementation methods for the campaign had to be adjusted. In addition to shifting this implementation, design and launch were postponed and or moved online, while each organization juggled their own organizational navigation issues through the pandemic. The development and maintenance of the website is contracted out due to limited staff resources, therefore considerable staff time is spent working with the marketing agency to maintain the sites relevancy.
Another obstacle in launching the website was “branding” and ensuring it was cohesive in meeting each partners strategic needs and stakeholder priorities. High levels of coordination, regular meetings, and daily communications established clear deliverables aligned with the strategic objectives for Tourism Kelowna, Accelerate Okanagan, and the COEDC.

Target Audience (demographics)

Central Okanagan residents, businesses and organizations have been recruited to share the OKGo website through their local, national and international networks. Additionally, each partner shares these stories through their channels and by leveraging relationships with organizations like Destination Canada, Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Trade and Investment BC, and Innovate BC. Target audiences include industry executives, entrepreneurs and employees of organizations located in the US Pacific Northwest.


The development of the website has enhanced collaboration efforts among all regional partners as it aligns our individual strategic plans/priorities all jointly aimed at displaying our region’s value proposition. The most powerful recognition and celebration of the region’s competitive advantages comes from our own businesses and entrepreneurs.

Their success stories and resiliency are what “sells” the region to investors, entrepreneurs, and talent. Enhanced assets also allow us to equip our provincial/federal counterparts to understand the region’s competitive advantages and better direct site selectors, event planners, investors, and entrepreneur inquiries.

Supplementary Items

  2. 2022 OKGo Promo Kit
  3. OKGo: Business in the Central Okanagan