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Economic Impact of Clean Energy

Submitted ByNuclear Innovation Institute

Clean Energy Frontier brochure, an economic impact summary – Who wins with clean energy?

The Clean Energy Frontier region of Ontario—Bruce, Grey and Huron counties—is thriving. Recent census data proves 6.5% growth in population amongst the three counties. The region has welcomed over 60 clean energy suppliers to the area, creating jobs and assessment growth. Sustainable development in the region has long been projected and planned for by local municipalities. With Bruce Power’s Major Component Replacement (MCR) project now underway, the region is seeing growth and investment take shape through housing developments, hotels, commercial/office space, new small business, entrepreneurial ventures, recreation amenities and more.

Recognizing the expansion of the local supply chain, the Clean Energy Frontier program advanced a study to better understand the impact of the sector amongst the three counties. The Clean Energy Frontier program commissioned Jupia Consulting to support the work, recognizing David Campbell, President of Jupia, and his experience in the energy sector.

Through careful analysis and meaningful connection with stakeholders, Jupia Consulting and the Clean Energy Frontier program developed a fulsome economic impact report which is reflective of the year 2020. From this report, the Clean Energy Frontier program built a public-facing brochure, targeting potential investors, budding entrepreneurs and policymakers. The messaging within the brochure is also arming local elected officials and economic development professionals with metrics and data to speak to developers and investors. This brochure was developed to support economic development initiatives across the three counties—the Clean Energy Frontier region.

The brochure has been circulated to economic development stakeholders, municipal staff, elected officials, supply chain stakeholders, and shared with the media. This piece proves helpful when demonstrating growth and investment opportunities (both private and public investment) in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties.

In addition to the brochure, the Clean Energy Frontier program has delivered dozens of presentations regarding economic impact of clean energy to local Councils, business associations, and other stakeholders.

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