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Durham Tourism Visitor E-newsletter

Submitted ByRegional Municipality of Durham

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives: 

Durham Tourism monitors monthly email statistics and any potential trends. The current open rate is around 38 per cent which is higher than e-newsletter industry standards and subscribers continue to grow, with more than 7,500 to date. The electronic format enables embedded links to relevant websites with a single click, further enriching the content provided. Readers can share individual articles and the whole e-newsletter through various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and e-mail which creates viral marketing opportunities. 

An electronic copy of the newsletter is posted on various Regional websites and includes access to all the links and sharing capabilities provided in the e-mail campaign format.  Email addresses are collected through various events, trade shows, and online sign-ups. The newsletter is deployed monthly at the beginning of the month. This allows the reader the opportunity to plan their outings for the month in advance, and to forward the information to any friends or family, thereby increasing the readership and the number of subscribers. We also ensure the content will appeal to our diverse target audience by ensuring a wide variety and types of events across each of our eight area municipalities. 

Challenges & Changes made: 

Since Durham Region covers a large geographic area, with eight area municipalities in total, every effort is made to promote unique tourism offerings across the entire region. Durham Tourism was approached with the opportunity to advertise in the e-newsletter, however, it is still used solely for its intended purpose of promoting the wonderful things to see and do in Durham Region. Throughout 2021 and 2022, Durham Tourism was pleased to partner with a local Chef, Alex Page, to feature monthly dishes cooked using ingredients sourced from local farms and businesses, as well as the recipe. 

Target Audience: 

The Durham Tourism e-newsletter aims to boost tourism in Durham Region by drawing visitors from outside the region, encouraging Durham residents to take advantage of local tourism opportunities. The content of the e-newsletter can easily be applied to all audiences, including families, couples, residents or travelers. We receive regular notifications regarding new sign-ups to the e-newsletter, which only helps to increase the profile of our stakeholders in the region. Durham Tourism has been applauded for the creation of the e-newsletter as it is an environmentally friendly way of staying in touch with our visitors on a regular basis.