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Discover Our Grassroutes Middlesex County Official Tourism Map

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The purpose of the Discover Our Grassroutes Middlesex County Official Tourism Map is to highlight the variety of unique tourism attractions across Middlesex County. The map is a comprehensive summary of the most popular tourism ‘hot spots’ in the County. It lists over 140 local tourist attractions and contains QR codes that direct readers to our website, which hosts a more extensive directory of tourism operators as well as our additional maps and guides. Every business listed on the map is colour-coded with one of the 11 tourism categories and the municipality in which they are located. The objective of our map is to work together with the ‘Grassroutes’ road signs as part of our tourism signage strategy. The map, paired with the signage, will inspire visitors to stay longer and follow the route to discover the variety of tourism opportunities that await them in Middlesex County. The map is also available online, virtual flipbook and PDF.

One of our goals is to disseminate this map throughout the region along with having numerous businesses and organizations host the map in their operations for their visitors to take. We have met this goal by having over 17,000 copies of this tourism map distributed across the County. The target audience for the tourism map is rural and urban residents of Southwestern Ontario, specifically, families looking for local activities and to explore the area. We carried out a direct mail campaign via Canada Post that targeted families and households with more than two people. 13,000 maps were delivered across all eight municipalities. The remaining 4,000 maps were distributed to more than 50 businesses and organizations and at all of our farmer’s markets and various community events within and outside the County.

We have also carried out social media campaigns promoting this map reaching over 10,000 people and a scavenger hunt featuring this map with 14 teams participating. Photos were submitted of families using the map to complete our missions. The map has had a tremendous response from the community, especially with compliments towards the eye-catching design and the ease of use seeing all the attractions in the County organized and mapped out conveniently. Ultimately, the tourism map have been embraced as an exciting new resource to ignite the spirit of adventure in locals and regional visitors to experience everything Middlesex County has to offer.

The redesign, updates, and copywriting were entirely carried out in-house by the Economic Development and Tourism Department. The challenge of creating this map was simply the act of updating information, during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been additional edits during the production of the maps due to a few closures and new businesses that opened. The solution to these challenges, and a part of our effort to be sustainable, is the creation of the virtual flipbook as changes can be made instantly and this version of the map can be made available when print copies are not. The virtual flipbook also contains links to the business’s website or social media pages for viewers to access the latest information. Furthermore, due to the limited space to list all of our tourism operators, another unique component of the map is the use of QR codes that direct readers to our newly refreshed website to see additional listings of other tourism operators.