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County of Brant 2021 Year in review

Submitted ByThe County of Brant

The County of Brant Year in Review is released each year and is designed to highlight the work done by the Economic Development and Tourism Division in the past year and compare key pieces of economic data to the previous years. The 2021 edition has been revamped from previous years to highlight programs that are delivered by the Economic Development and Tourism Division and showcase their success to those reading. This allows the report to be used as both a means of reporting to council and other County of Brant stakeholders and as an investment attraction piece as some data highlights the current economic state of the County of Brant and the cost of investing in Brant compared to other municipalities.

The Year in Review reports on and highlights the areas of focus in the County of Brant and provides data and context to the work done to develop these areas. These include;

  • Agriculture;
  • Industrial and Commercial;
  • Small Business;
  • Creative and Cultural Industries; and
  • Tourism and Special Events.

Key data points from each of these areas are reported along with actions taken to support them further. As well, the report highlights planned actions that will be undertaken by the division in each sector for the next year. Businesses throughout the County of Brant are also featured in the report with testimonials about the services that they have received and their experience working with the County of Brant.

The Year in Review was designed entirely in-house by the County of Brant’s Communications and Marketing division and all content was provided by the Economic Development and Tourism division with each team member submitting contextual information based on their sector of focus. A majority of photos that are used throughout the report are photos of businesses and destinations in the County of Brant.

The Year in Review met its objectives being received well by those who have read it. When presented to the County of Brant council, it was received and complimented well by all members. As well, all stakeholders that had viewed the report have complimented the design element and the information presented.