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Community Profile 2019

Submitted ByTown of Saugeen Shores

The Town of Saugeen Shores recognizes the elements required for a successful and informative community profile and looked to EDAC’s guidelines and best practices to bring the publication to the highest standard. The community profile publication is our opportunity to showcase the quality of life found in Saugeen Shores, including the people, the economy, healthcare, recreation, education and testimonials from locals who do business in Saugeen Shores every day.

As the fastest growing community in the region and ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada, Saugeen Shores is a hub for innovation and quickly becoming a centre for excellence in the nuclear industry.

We’re experiencing population growth, an increase in construction value (year to year), and a hot economic spin off from the largest infrastructure project in Canada – the Major Component Replacement project; happening at Bruce Power (located 25km south of the Town of Saugeen Shores).

Houses are being built, people are moving to town, developers are investing in visionary projects and attracting new amenities to the community. The Town’s Council is progressive and local business is booming.

All of the above reasons are why we have created a strong community profile publication to support the economic development at our doorstep and inform those looking to Saugeen Shores for their business’s continued growth and expansion.

The community profile is the first communication for those interested in investing in Saugeen Shores. The publication provides a better understanding of the municipality and the communities it includes (Port Elgin and Southampton).

Part of the success of the profile is the comprehensive data on the community it includes. Saugeen Shores leverages the data compiled by Townfolio, an incredible resource for smaller communities to access data, for use in the profile. The 2020 publication of the community profile will expand the amount of data available by including updated growth projections which were unavailable at the time of printing the 2019 edition.

Hard copies of the community profile have been instrumental in building the municipality’s brand, providing information and representing economic development in the community. This year profiles were distributed at the Canadian Nuclear Association conference in Ottawa as businesses continue to land and expand in Bruce County to support the Major Component Replacement. We have already seen the impact with 17 nuclear supplier offices and counting calling Saugeen Shores home.

Positive feedback on the profile has been received from investors, builders, newcomers, and new businesses who highlight that the profile provides an overview of the information they are interested in and require to make educated business decisions.

Every year the publication is reprinted with updated information and new images from local photographers to showcase the beauty of the area.

A digital copy of the community profile is available on the Saugeen Shores website at