Recovery Project/Plan

Collingwood Economic Development Action Plan 2020-25

Submitted ByTown of Collingwood

Category 1 – Recovery/Plan Award Submission

The Purpose of the 2020-2025 Economic Development Action Plan

The Economic Development Action Plan is intended to help guide Collingwood’s economic development activities and priorities for five year periods, with a focus on those action items over which the Town of Collingwood has direct control.

On November 23, 2020, Council approved a new 5-year Economic Development Action Plan. This bold new plan presents a focused program to guide the Town’s efforts through a critical economic transition point. The 20 action item plan incorporates insights from the last 5-year plan, the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan, the recent Tourism Strategy & Action Plan, feedback from the broader business community, as well as the Mayor’s Advisory Team on Economic Development.


This Action Plan zeroes in on just three key points—those that will best help us drive economic success in our municipality.

The 3 Goals

  1. Make Collingwood a Hub for Sustainability & Innovation

1.1 Accelerate Small & Medium Businesses Growth

1.2 Promote Sustainability Projects with Partners


  1. Promote Collingwood as a Great Place to Live & Work

2.1 Promote Collingwood’s Better Lifestyle

2.2 Attract a More Youthful (20-39) Workforce to the Region

2.3 Expand Educational Opportunities for Multi-Generational Talent Pool


  1. Ensure Collingwood Is Investment-Ready

3.1 Characterize, Magnify & Market Business Growth with Available Land & Space

3.2 Make it Easy to do Business with the Town

3.3 Establish a Collingwood Ambassador Team Comprised of Local Business Leaders



The Town’s staff consulted with the business community and the Mayor’s Advisory Team on Economic Development to develop a clear vision, measurable goals and an actionable plan.  These are detailed in the full report which includes sections on:

  • Building on Success
  • Developing the Plan
  • Establishing the Groundwork
  • Setting Goals & Objectives
  • Measuring Success
  • Getting the Work Done

The Mayor’s Advisory Team on Economic Development

12 local business leaders were selected to bring forward ideas at a workshop to ensure Collingwood has a bright economic future. Their ideas will would be one of the cornerstone inputs into the new Economic Development Action Plan that the Town of Collingwood Developed.

“These business leaders have a passion for Collingwood’s economic and business growth and will help guide the next 5 year Economic Development Action Plan,” commented Mayor Brian Saunderson, “The Action Plan will help established businesses grow, attract investors, employers, and entrepreneurs, and will ensure the right conditions exist for the new wave of businesses coming to, and growing in, Collingwood.”

The new Economic Development Action Plan will also diversify the tax base, allowing the municipality to fund the services that make Collingwood an attractive place to live and work.

There will be several additional opportunities for the business community to provide input and share their ideas about economic development and increasing Collingwood’s investment attractiveness.



An inspiring 4 page summary of the full report was created as a quick and easy reference. Weblink to 4-pager document: It is also attached with our submission.


A multiyear, 1 page action plan was created to help get the work done.  With 3 Goals representing 20 action items grouped under 8 objectives, the plan provides a roadmap for activating the plan including key partners and success measures.

Note: Submission files sent via Wetransfer as they would not upload on the EDAC portal.