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Choose Cranbrook – The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs & Growing Businesses for Finding the Ideal Basecamp

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Entry Name – Choose Cranbrook – The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs & Growing Businesses for Finding the Ideal Basecamp

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Essential Guide


As investment attraction continued to go virtual, we required a marketing asset that would highlight the many ways we can support relocating / expanding businesses. We wanted to go beyond the standard investment profile and instead create a compelling document that would cut through the clutter and grab the attention of a site selector or investor who in most cases would be hearing pitches from several communities at once.

Working with a marketing agency that specializes in Economic Development, we created the concept of a “guide” that would call to mind a scout handbook or camping guide. By combining this creative concept with amazing local photography (no stock), local business examples and stat-based factoids, we developed The Essential Guide for Finding the Ideal Basecamp.

Target Audience

  • Site Selectors
  • Business Decision Makers

Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes)

  • Attract investment by demonstrating Cranbrook as an ideal place to do business
  • Be memorable with unique positioning & creative approach

Challenges & Changes

  • Need to stand out in virtual investment attraction events
  • Make sure Cranbrook is remembered

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Increased enquiries from potential investors
  • Increased engagement from sector specific representatives
  • Increased awareness among target audience of Cranbrook’s advantages for businesses
  • Reinforce perception of Cranbrook as a collaborative and customer-focused jurisdiction
  • Increased prosperity and assessment in the City

This was a special project in that CQNS , the agency who created the guide is based in Ontario and the City of Cranbrook is located in British Columbia.  We were looking for an organization to partner with who had experience in FDI and became aware of each other at an EDAC event in 2021 (proving the value of networking)

Essential Guide