Brand Identity / Application

Capitale-Nationale key clusters – New brand image

Submitted ByQuébec International

Purpose of the Project (including anticipated outcomes)

With its wealth of expertise in the chief sectors, the Québec City region, along with Québec International (QI), supports the development of four key clusters recognized by the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale program. In this context, for over ten years, QI has supported the implementation of initiatives that meet the specific needs of companies in these sectors and has ensured that they are promoted locally, nationally, and internationally. In this regard, based on the strategic planning conducted by its team, entrepreneurs, and committed partners in recent months, QI presented the results of numerous hours of work and collaboration aimed at advancing the clusters and revamping their brand images. Moreover, QI has completely redesigned the brand images of the Capitale-Nationale key clusters, giving them a fresh new look to better meet the growing needs of these key sectors in the region.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives (if known)

After defining a vision for the refreshed brand image, QI and the cluster committees strove to simplify communication, maintain the reputation that they have gained, and—above all—introduce tools to promote the sense of belonging, mobilization, and positioning of each sector. Accordingly, the new brand image and visual identity of each cluster stemmed from premises such as regional affiliation, uniqueness, and expertise. This is why the new brand image highlights the targeted role of these clusters in QI, illustrates their significant contribution to the economic growth of the Québec City region, and positions these key industries on the regional, national, and international scales. To ensure the success of this large-scale change, QI has supported the launch of each cluster’s new brand image with a communication and promotional strategy. This initiative has been translated into various communication tools (business cards, microsites, pamphlets, mailing, etc.). Beyond the graphic design, Québec International has devoted over two years to this effort.

Challenges & Changes Made

The efforts of QI and the cluster committees—in partnership with the City of Québec and the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation—should allow the region and its companies to stand out competitively in relation to other regions and in international markets due to their expertise. Composed of nearly 50 representatives from the QI team and companies, and with the participation of partners, consultations gave rise to a true dialogue where sharing and trust were at the heart of the exchanges. This acknowledgement of everyone’s role and the respect for expertise—among other things—required openness in the global, complex, and diversified sense of regional development at the different stages of the process. However, this approach shed light on the advantages of dialogue and created synergy through the interaction of pooled resources and expertise.

Target Audience (demographics)

Based on the specific areas of expertise recognized, the ACCORD key clusters and hubs in the CapitaleNationale region have been integrated into the QI economic development agency. Each cluster is defined as a group of companies conducting interrelated activities. In this context, it was vital to engage the committees of each cluster so that they could express and mobilize themselves and maintain their sense of belonging in the group and the region. In such an approach, commitment was essential. In this context, with the aim of supporting the companies, QI secured the services of the Propage firm for the consultation and planning period, as well as the LG2 firm for the construction of the new brand images of the clusters and their respective identities. Together, the clusters represent nearly 700 companies from the life sciences (health and biotechnologies), digital arts and interactive entertainment (information and communication technologies), biofood (health foods), and green and smart building (construction and sustainable development) sectors.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories

Québec International is committed to mobilizing industry players, developing their expertise, targeting business opportunities in and outside Quebec, working to develop their competitive advantages, developing a strong regional brand image, and promoting these industries. Therefore, besides allowing the clusters to expand nationally and internationally, the new brand image was developed to position the key industries, in particular by stimulating the development of innovative solutions, increasing awareness of their expertise, and helping to expand their business networks. In fact, in addition to taking on a dynamic attitude, each industry’s brand image comes with a new name. Accordingly, the Life Sciences cluster became Québec VITAE, the Health Foods cluster took the name of Québec NUTRI, the Digital Arts and Interactive Entertainment cluster is now called Québec EPIX, and—finally—the Green and Smart Building cluster was named Québec BVI.