Canada’s Premier Food Corridor

Submitted ByEconomic Development Lethbridge

Canada’s Premier Food Corridor (CPFC) is comprised of 5 southern Alberta Economic Development agencies dedicated to advancing the agri-food sector in the region. An investment attraction video was created to highlight the Sherring Business & Industrial Park in Lethbridge, Alberta, as an anchor for new business and investment in the area. The video was a key piece in a marketing campaign launched in late 2021 that included placements in key publications, video creation and social media marketing including the use of Google ad grant dollars.

The purpose of the video is to highlight the many advantages of Sherring Business & Industrial Park and the built-in incentives that can be enjoyed by businesses looking to choose Lethbridge to locate or grow their business. The video uses drone technology to give the viewer a firsthand look at what the park looks like and then uses overlays to address some of the key advantage businesses can enjoy by locating here. These advantages include available land, access to water, electrical supply, broadband reliability, and logistics advantages. The video also gives viewers a glimpse of companies already located in CPFC, who are experiencing success on a global scale.

One of the bigger tasks on the video project was finding the right voice to fit the messaging that CPFC and Sherring Business & Industrial Park are open for business. The copy was created with two things in mind: the Lethbridge Brighter Together community brand and Gateway to Opportunity, the motto for the City. The upbeat and informative voice-over is welcoming and professional, two aspects investors can expect when inquiring or visiting Lethbridge and the region.

CPFC used targeted articles in late 2021 to help elevate the video to economic development professionals, site selectors, government officials and executives. By linking the video in these articles and digital ads that accompanied them, the video would ideally be viewed by decision makers and businesses looking for a location that has a.) available land and infrastructure to support their operation b.) like minded companies with a history of success in the agri-food sector and c.) economic development organizations working on attracting, retaining, and working with businesses to use innovation to move forward.

One of the biggest advantages of this initial video is how it can be easily edited to highlight other opportunities within Canada’s Premier Food Corridor. The current iteration focuses on the Sherring Industrial Park and newer, updated versions will highlight opportunities in other partner communities along CPFC and showcase the many reasons why if you’re in the business of food…you should be here.