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Business Chronicles

Submitted ByTown of Gananoque

The Business Chronicles was a program created by the Town of Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands as a joint project.

The idea was to have businesses fill out an interview about their business and why they chose our area. We then asked them to chose one word that described their business and we had a professional photographer travel to all participating businesses and take a picture of the business owner and sometimes employees in their business. The one word was then added to the images.

The images were then added to both websites and promoted on social media and we boosted each post on Facebook and Instagram, which provided us with greater reach and offered the business free promotion. We also allowed the business to keep their professional pictures to use for future use on their own. This is something many do not have the budget for and we can proudly say that many of our businesses have used their images to promote themselves.

Its has been wonderful to see the business and community supporting by sharing, liking and commenting on the Business Chronicles Posts. This project started in 2019 but we have just recently launched a new intake. This project has also helped us to introduce new business owners t the community, we recently had a B&B sell to new owners, we reached out and asked them to participate and they agreed. They received overwhelming support and “welcome to the community” feedback.

What has worked so well with this project is that we are giving businesses a voice and by having them tell a story, we are utilizing our own businesses to promote why our community is the perfect place to live and work.

This has also worked well to help spread awareness about our businesses, promoting businesses that may not be able to afford professional marketing and introducing our community to something they may have not known existed in their backyard.

This project has also helped to create business partnership, not only with the Town and Township but business to business as well.