Advertising Campaign

BBDC’s Social Media Advertising Campaign

Submitted ByBeausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation

The aim of the BBDC’s Social Media Advertising Campaign is to increase the presence of BBDC in social media to promote the Beausejour Brokenhead area as the best place to live, play and invest.

The purpose of the project is to promote and brand our Beausejour Brokenhead Region to attract business investment, tourism, events, and local services and tailor your message to your audience. Gaining positive brand awareness and media attention will help establish your overall brand image. During the last few months, BBDC has developed the Target Investment Videos for different sectors to attract businesses, tourists, investors and residents to the Beausejour Brokenhead Community. The videos are considered as a part of the social media tools that were used during the social media advertising campaign.

Social Media Channels: The videos were promoted through social media through Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. The campaign has started 6 weeks ago. The videos were downloaded on Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation (BBDC) Facebook page with over 70,000 reached the last few weeks. Currently, BBDC just set up the YouTube Channel where it will be housed all of Target Investment Videos for public consumption. The vast majority of videos embedded on the website would be from YouTube. BBDC has produced 27 videos that just were posted on youtube. BBDC is in the process of posting the Videos on the Linkedin account.

Campaign Effectiveness: Although video promotion (27 videos in total) was launched just a few weeks ago, the project already met their objectives. The retail businesses who participated in the video promotion (20 retail videos) have noticed a significant demand for their services and increase revenue:

  • Industrial Attraction Video – showcased our Beausejour Brokenhead Industrial Park. As a result, two lots were sold recently
  • Franchise Attraction Video – a new franchise DQ is coming to Town
  • Community Services Video – more demand on local community services
  • Tourism Attraction Video – attracted more visitors to our region
  • CPTC Attraction Video – will be launched during the late fall 2019

Challenges: The videos were 50% funded through the Provincial Grant – Partner 4 Growth – with a short deadline. It was very challenging to complete a project on time. Some videos had to be shorter than we expected to meet a deadline commitment. The project had required several dedicated volunteers to be part of the project.

Target Audience: Each video has a different target audience. The social media advertising campaign aimed to attract Industrial, Franchise, Retail Services, Residential, Tourism Sector to the community.

  • Franchise Attraction Video – to attract franchise
  • Industrial Attraction Video – to attract more businesses to the Industrial Park
  • Residential Development Attraction Video – to attract more residents and newcomers
  • Tourism Attraction Video – to attract more tourists and visitors
  • BBDC Video – to promote economic development corporation and services Community Services Video – to promote local services
  • 20 Retail Attraction Videos – to promote destination retail stores in the community

Click Here for the Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corp. You-Tube Channel.

Geographic Target Market is the Province of Manitoba, Canada, and Overseas.

Please note: We have several visitors every year from the USA, and all over the world to participate in our unique events. The videos are used also by Immigration Offices to showcase our Beausejour Brokenhead Community as a great place for new immigrants to find work, live and play.