Advertising Campaign

Bay of Quinte Staycation Sweepstakes

Submitted ByBay of Quinte Regional marketing Board

Purpose of Projects

The Staycation Sweepstakes was an 8-week campaign during July and August wherein we gave away a $500 staycation to a local resident each week for a total of $4,000. The landing page was


It had the purpose of:

  1. Encouraging residents to stay safe and travel locally by providing them with a contest incentive
  2. Giving residents activity ideas to show them they don’t have to leave the region to have a great time. They can stay here and have a “staycation” and still find excellent experiences
  3. Encouraging “shop local” activity and spending at regional businesses
  4. Supporting local small businesses by providing $500 per week in direct cash to residents for their staycation spending
  5. Ensure spending at accommodations by mandating each winner to spend at least one night at a local accommodator

Effectiveness of Meeting Objectives

  1. Estimated Economic Activity Generated >$47,000
    1. We connected online-to-offline activity by using cookies with our digital ads and then geofencing the major attractions and restaurants we were highlighting on our landing page. Using average daily spend data, we were able to show that approximately $47k was generated by people who clicked our ads and then physically entered a location.
  2. Staycation Dollars for Residents/Businesses: $4,000
    1. We provided 8x$500 to local residents for staycation spending at BoQ businesses
  3. Businesses Supported: 27
    1. Spending occurred at 27 businesses, with no business being selected twice
  4. Total Contest Entries: 3,121
  5. Total Reach: 420,000+
  6. Total Newsletter Sign-ups: 773
    1. We never expected to see this kind of newsletter growth – approximately 25%!
  7. Local Trips Taken: 8
  8. From a staycation winner:
    1. Earl and I had a nice time away at the Brighton Staycation. Everything was perfect. The Timber House Resort was a very nice and friendly place to stay, enjoyed our evening with live music and a wonderful breakfast this morning. Bought a few things in a couple of the other stores in Brighton too. Thanks again for everything . -V. Spencer

Challenges & Changes Made

  1. Interestingly (and totally unexpectedly), there was definite giveaway fatigue by our social media following already by the end of week 2. Week 1’s engagement was very high, with almost 600 entries. But week 2 had 359 and you could see the engagement through comments/shares falling. Since we were doing the $500 staycation contest for 8 weeks, we needed another plan.
    1. We called our partners in Belleville, Brighton and Quinte West and proposed that they “own” the contest on their social media for certain weeks in order to leverage new crowds through their following.
    2. The plan worked, with the entries bouncing back, reaching as high as 401 week 4.

Target Audiences

  1. Local residents in our paying partner communities of Belleville, Brighton & Quinte West