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Bay of Quinte Discovery Series

Submitted ByBay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

Purpose of Projects

  1. Hit our 3 primary demographics:
    • Outbound GTA/Ottawa/Kingston
    • Local/inbound
    • Group/corporate/event/travel trade
  2. Increase overall economic activity and business awareness
  3. Create an editorial calendar out of the Discovery Guide
  4. Raise the profile of the BoQ region as an organization, a brand, and a destination

Effectiveness of Meeting Objectives

  1. Distribution to each of the 3 touchpoints above
    • 16,000 Discovery Guides distributed in GTA/Ottawa/Kingston markets
    • 22,000 Discovery Guides + 50,000 maps distributed locally/inbound
    • 300 Experience Handbooks given to travel operators in one-one-one meetings
  2. Increased economic activity and awareness
    • 2018 hotel visitation was up 3.4% vs. 2017 (CBRE data included as attachment). This increase is worth approx. $12 million dollars in increased economic activity
    • We did a 3-month online Discovery Guide readership digital ad campaign wherein we geofenced all of our region’s accommodations properties. 926 people who viewed our Guide creative entered one of our accommodations. This is worth $247,242 in estimated tourism spending based on RTO 9 data
    • Two provincial championship ultimate frisbee events have been booked from meetings using the Experience Handbook. It is estimated there will be over 2,600 room nights, worth approximately $465,000 in economic activity
    • While we aren’t in a position to measure the economic activity resulting from the Discovery Map, we’ve received significant anecdotal information of its usage
  3. Editorial Calendar creation W
    • We spent approximately 5 months crafting and coordinating strong content for our 2018 Discovery Guide. It therefore made sense to use it as a tool to create our week-over-week digital editorial calendar. Each week, we turned the page to a new spread and told stories according to that particular theme on our social media channels (40k followers), newsletter (2k list) and web blogs (tourism, resident attraction and immigration). The week we were on p. 20-21, we told stories Mon-Sun about craftsmanship across the region.
    • Our weekly social media messaging across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter landed over 1 million impressions. We produced 20 Facebook Live videos. 484 hours of video were viewed during 73,249 views, which is over 20 days of Bay of Quinte video consumed
    • Raise the profile of the Bay of Quinte as an organization, a brand and a destination
      • Recognition through awards
        • Our Discovery Guide was recognized for the 2nd year in a row in early 2019 by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario as the winner in their print category for pops 50,000-250,000
      • Creating a cohesive branded collection
        • While participating in previous Destination Ontario sales missions, we were one of the only destinations without print collateral. After creating the Experience Handbook, we now have one of the stronger collateral pieces across the province, complemented by the Discovery Guide and Map.
      • Recognition from leaders in the tourism community
        • Please see attachment of the same name

Challenges and Changes Made

  • Discovery Map:
    • Our previous map design had been in circulation for 7 years (“old” yellow map included in download link). It was a large tearaway format with few roads, geography that was limited to our paying partnership, and showed only icons related the businesses. The only real purpose was to show the breadth of attractions existing in the region.
    • We found through focus groups with front line staff that it was ineffective. We made it more useful, by updating the entire design, making it into an easy to carry fold-, adding business listings, increasing the amount of roads and showing a larger geography. The result has been a map that has received excellent feedback from staff, tourists and residents

Target Audiences

  • GTA East, Ottawa & Kingston (Discovery Guide)
  • Incoming tourists in the region (Discovery Guide and Map)
  • Current residents (Discovery Guide and Map)
  • Travel operators (Experience Handbook)