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Bay of Quinte Discovery Guide, 6th Edition

Submitted ByBay of Quinte Regional marketing Board

Purpose of Project

The Bay of Quinte Discovery Guide is produced in May and remains in circulation until the following March. To read it, visit:


The purpose of this project was to continue to grow and utilize our flagship product, the Bay of Quinte Discovery Guide, as a driver of economic activity in tourism and resident attraction, for the partner communities of Belleville, Brighton, Quinte West and the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. We wanted to:


  1. Hit our 3 primary demographics
    1. Outbound GTA + Ottawa + Kingston / Local & inbound / Group/travel trade
  1. Increase overall economic activity in tourism and resident attraction
  2. Use the content developed for the Guide to structure the content of our weekly editorial calendar online and on social media
  3. Raise the profile of the BoQ region as an organization, a brand, and a destination

Effectiveness of Meeting Objectives

  1. Distribution to each of the 3 touchpoints above
  1. 20,000 Discovery Guides distributed in GTA/Ottawa/Kingston markets
  2. 10,000 Discovery Guides distributed locally/inbound
  3. 6,400 online readers
  1. Increased economic activity in tourism and resident attraction in 2019 (vs 2018)
  1. 2019 hotel visitation, based on CBRE and Air DNA data
    1. Up over 9%
    2. Worth approx. $4.5 million dollars in increased economic activity
  2. Regional residential building growth, based on municipal building data from Belleville, Brighton and Quinte West
    1. Up 21% to 593 single detached building permits
    2. Estimated single detached construction up 29% to over $181 million
  3. Regional residential real estate growth, based on Quinte District Association of Realtors
    1. 17.8% growth in residential dollar sales
    2. 7.7% growth in residential unit sales
  1. Editorial Calendar creation
  1. We spent 5 months crafting and coordinating the content for our Discovery Guide. It therefore made sense to use the content to structure the themes of our weekly social media and blogs. Each week, we turned the page to a new spread and told stories according to that particular theme. If the Guide spread that week featured entrepreneurs, then we would in-turn feature entrepreneurs on our social media channels (45k followers), newsletter (3.5k list) and web blogs
  2. Our corresponding social media messaging landed over 1 million impressions
  3. Raise the profile of the Bay of Quinte as an organization, a brand and a destination
    1. Our Discovery Guide was recognized for the 2nd year in a row in 2019 by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario as the winner in their print category for pops 50,000-250,000
    2. The content of the Guide continues to be reviewed by all of our municipal partner staff to ensure that it is the best we can be producing to showcase our region as a top destination and is now a sought after publication by tourists and residents each year.

Challenges & Changes Made

  1. As always, a challenge with our Discovery Guide is the balance of content, in an effort to showcase 6 regional partners, including 3 municipalities, a First Nation and 2 private organizations. We had multiple pieces planned for this Guide that did not get published or were changed because of our efforts to ensure each partner feels a balance and equity in the conte
  2. Another challenge with this Guide was to make the content new and fresh. We have had great success with our rebranded Discovery Guide in its first three years, so we spent significant time to develop pieces that we felt would make this one stand out, such as the municipal overnight features, the Daytrips section (and detachable BoQ cootie catcher), and sports tourism photoshoot in the hotel pool.

Target Audiences

  1. GTA East, Ottawa & SE Ontario / incoming tourists / residents / travel operators /online readers