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Project Overview
Bruce County launched the “Live Here” campaign to help millennials and newcomers and immigrants to visualize how they can find work-life balance and high quality of life they have imagined by relocating to Bruce County. Many people dream about moving closer to what matters the most to them – the astonishing outdoor spaces they seek to explore or having more time to share with their loved ones by reducing the commute and crowding of a city. But few people know the possibility of this dream.

More and more people are searching for a relaxed lifestyle where they can find a better balance between supporting their lives while living it to the fullest. The Economic Development team has taken a lead role in marketing the communities of Bruce County to millennials and entrepreneurs looking to relocate, and newcomers and immigrants looking to put down roots and prosper in Canada.

The campaign highlights the stories of successful relocators to demonstrate that they can truly go from a ‘visitor’ to a ‘local’ through an extensive digital marketing campaign. The campaign directs traffic to, a portal for relocators and newcomers acting as a one-stop shop for information about relocating to Bruce County from information about careers to schooling options to healthcare facilities to other services. Both the relocator and newcomer landing pages of the Live Here campaign guide visitors to Bruce County’s employment website,

Challenges & Changes
Bruce County is facing workforce shortage and this campaign supports attracting and retaining new talent in response to reducing stress to Bruce County’s existing businesses and employers.

Target Audience
Millennial relocators and entrepreneurs from Southwestern Ontario urban centres, 25-40 years old, pending lifestyle change; open to moving and relocation, looking for good work-life balance and simple-living adopters. Looking for an alternative lifestyle outside of their current city.

Newcomers and immigrants from Greater Toronto Area, 16-40 years old. International students, on work permit or study permit, refugees, permanent residents etc. Newcomer and immigrant audience is looking for the following in a place to live: jobs; sense of belongingness; settlement services; cultural groups/support groups; food, retail and restaurant; ESL learning; cultural training; inclusivity; welcoming communities.

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Campaign Analytics
Bruce County – Live Here Campaign Below you can find a midterm report on the Bruce County Live Here campaign. Since April 8th, 2022, this campaign has been live on a variety of platforms including Google, with placements on Google Search, Display & Youtube, Facebook and Bell DSP. The overall focus of the Live Here campaign was to spread awareness to people located in key BruceGreySimcoe, GTA & Southern Ontario markets of other living and working options available in Ontario, and more specifically in Bruce County.

The campaign was broken down into three targets with corresponding messaging:
• You Are Bruce – Recent immigrants that currently live in the GTA looking for a better way of life
• You Are Right – Younger Millennials that live in the GTA looking for a better way of life
• Jobs In Bruce – People aged 18+ that live in the GTA that are interested in working & living in Bruce County

As of Thursday, August 11th, the Live Here campaign has shown very strong performance with 9,242 clickouts to the Jobs in Bruce website, 8.4M total impressions, 27k clicks, a CTR of 0.32% on $38,080.41 in media for an efficient CPA of $4.12.