Tuesday September 24

8:00 am
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor


9:00 am
3rd Floor

Registration Desk Opens

9:00 am
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: Downtown Revitalization - Shaping a Dynamic Urban Core

Andrew Malcolm, RPP, MCIP – Urban Revitalization Manager, City of Lethbridge

A look at the force behind Lethbridge’s healthy and thriving urban core including a dive into the dedicated urban place management program that focuses on addressing challenges head on, harnessing the energy and ideas of community champions, developing and implementing strategic incentives and program and investing in key infrastructure improvements.

9:45 am
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: Is Economic Development 9 to 5 or 24/7?

Jennifer Schnier, Ec.D.(F) – Economic Development Officer, Township of Georgian Bay

Since her presentation at EDAC 2018, Jennifer has had countless conversations and encouraged EDP’s all over the country to show how the economy is changing and how 9-5 just doesn’t fit anymore to those who manage their workspace. This year Jennifer will share with you information you need to solicit the change in the work environment so that is a win-win exists for everyone in your organization.

10:30 am
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Panel: EDAC/IEDC Inspired Change

Its Election Time Again: Government Relations Tips for Economic Development Practitioners

Speakers will share insights to encourage economic development professionals to prepare their content messages and methods to key influencers in the Canadian and United States federal elections.

This panel presentation, moderated by EDAC Past President Mike Thususka, will hear from contributors on the following themes:
EDAC – Mike Thususka, Ec.D., EDAC Past President – The Canadian Perspective on Government Relations on the Economic Development Profession and our Communities.
IEDC –Kenny McDonald, Vice Chair, IEDC – The American Perspective on Government Relations on the Economic Development Profession and our Communities.

11:00 am
3rd Floor

Refreshment Break / Trade Show Walk

11:30 am
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: 25 Years of Indigenous Community Economic Development

Ray Wanuch – Executive Director, CANDO

Sharing results of the IMPACT CANDO makes on its EDO’s and the IMPACT CANDO Certified EDO’s make on their community economy.

12:00 pm
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor


1:00 pm
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: The Future of Social Innovation

Brock Dickinson, Ec.D.(F) – Adjunct Professor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, University of Waterloo

Economists have recently begun to divide descriptions of our economy into three sectors: the public sector, the private sector and the “social economy” sector. This rapidly growing economic sector – driven in part by the rising influence of Millennials – is now worth some $10 trillion annually, and because of its triple bottom line approach to investment, it often has more substantial local economic development impacts than other kinds of investment. How ready are economic development offices for this booming opportunity, and how can we support a growing cohort of social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and social investors? Economic development thinker Brock Dickinson is joined by successful social entrepreneurs in a dynamic and eye opening multimedia session exploring the future of social innovation.

1:30 pm
3rd Floor

Trade Show Booth Teardown

1:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

Track A: Small Size Communities – Economic Development is Tough to Navigate in Any Community
Jari Kurri Salon A - 3rd Floor
Tracey Snow – Economic Development Officer, Lennox & Addington County

Lennox and Addington recognizes that “on the ground” economic development focusing on small businesses and entrepreneurs is a significant catalyst for business and community growth. We developed a “Made in Lennox and Addington” Business Coaching program that for ten years has been coaching and mentoring new and existing businesses. When we coach a business we focus on three key business elements: Product / Service, Marketing and Financial Management. We work with each business to determine their gaps or challenges and then find a community resource to help them with their problem. Let us show you how this unique approach to economic development can bring results and opportunities to rural communities.

Track B: Medium Size Communities – Integrated Investment Attraction, Lead Handling, Business Development System
Jari Kurri Salon B - 3rd Floor
Cody Joudry – Director Economic Development, Huron County

We are second tier County with 9 lower tiers. We have developed an integrated investment attraction, lead handling, and business development system we would like to share.

Track C: Large Size Communities - Gaining the Attention of Global Investors
Mark Messier - 2nd Floor
Daniel Silverman – Executive Vice President, Investment Attraction, Toronto Global
Karra-Lee Gerrits – Vice President, Investment and Trade, Edmonton Global
Marjorick Foisy – Director, Business Development, Foreign Investments, Montreal International

Attracting investment to large metropolitan areas with multiple municipalities, and multiple stakeholders is not always as straight-forward as it may seem.  Inter-regional competition, fragmented data, multiple approaches, and varying levels of investor readiness across a metro regions can hamper and derail the best FDI strategies.  A regional approach to attracting investment allows for resources to be pooled to bridge gaps when it comes to available data and investor readiness, and presents a cohesive and impactful message to investors, while ensuring no community is left behind.  Learn how municipalities in the Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto region are banding together and gaining the attention of global investors.

Track D: Ec.D. Exam Prep Session
Glen Sather - 2nd Floor
Larry Horncastle, Ec. D., HLM – Keystone Strategies
Richard Horcastle, Ec. D. – Partner, Keystone Strategies

Economic development professionals all across this great country are certifiable, are you?

Find out how you can stand above the crowd and become a Certified Economic Developer (Ec.D.)  This session will explain the requirements, including recent changes, on how you can receive EDAC’s Certified Economic Developer designation.

This session will explore what requirements must be met in order to challenge the Certification exam, where training opportunities exist, and more importantly, what to expect when you sit down to challenge the exam. This highly interactive session will help you prepare to join the elite field of professional economic developers who have already attained their Ec.D. designation.

2:30 pm
3rd Floor

Refreshment Break

3:00 pm
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: Chasing FDI in Germany and Europe - a Company’s Look on FDI

Hendrik Taulin – Senior Investment Officer, Embassy of Canada Germany

This session will look into the mechanism of German potential investors and their thinking when it comes to strategic decisions such as greenfield investment, retention and expansion. It will also show how economic developers can work with Global Affairs Canada and the Embassies to reach out to key FDI target markets such as Germany. And we will hear about the necessity of building long-term relationship and what it takes to be successful in generating a potential investor’s interest.

3:30 pm
Wayne Gretzky Salon B,C - 3rd Floor

Plenary: Globally Standardized City Data to Drive Economic Development

4:30 pm

End of Sessions

6:45 pm
3rd Floor

President’s Reception

Formal Evening

7:30 pm
Wayne Gretzky Salon - 3rd Floor

President’s Dinner

Greetings & Comments from President

Marketing Canada Awards – EDAC Cup Awarding

Ec.D. & Ec.D.(F) Recipients

Introduction of EDAC’s 2019-2020 President & BOD

2019-2020 Presidents Comments

EDAC 2020 Conference Presentation