2018 Wage & Salary Review

Thank you to all who participated in EDAC’s Wage & Salary Survey. We value this information to provide member to member data that shares of an overall view of economic development budgets, allocations and standards across Canada. Here are some of the interesting findings: The Ec.D. is still in high demand – 78% of respondents have, or are working toward, their Ec.D. 75% of respondents work in Municipal Departments Overall economic development budgets are mostly derived from Municipal funding – … read more

GoForth Institute business training opens January 8th!

Mark your calendars! At our 49th Annual Conference this past September, you were introduced to our education partner GoForth Institute. GoForth’s Founder and CEO Dr. Leslie McGeough outlined reasons why fewer than half of Canadian small businesses reach their fifth birthday, and how GoForth’s online training improves those odds. Since 2009, GoForth has trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs who learn all the skills they need to start, run, and grow their small business successfully. Our partnership with GoForth is an exciting … read more