Annual Scholarships

This EDAC Scholarship must be used for an EDAC accredited Course and is available to EDAC Members only.

EDAC accepts no responsibility for faulty information, applications which may be lost or misinterpretation of information. Applicants will be reviewed and recommended on a first come, first served basis for any or all EDAC accredited courses.

However, EDAC may select any number of members, without an obligation to carry funding over to the following scholarship year.

You must be a member in good standing to apply for an EDAC Scholarship.
Deadline for submission is the last week day of the current year.
A link is sent to EDAC members in good standing to apply for scholarships that will be awarded for the following year.

Note to applicants: EDAC awards a maximum of 3 scholarships to any one individual within a five year period. Only on-line applications will be accepted.

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