Marketing Canada Awards

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EDAC’s #MarketingCanadaAwards, in Partnership with BDC, continue to acknowledge and praise communities across Canada who have succeeded in their marketing efforts – for all the right reasons!

With the future of economic development in mind, EDAC’s Marketing Canada Awards have chosen to focus on highlighting up-and-coming best practices, particularly in the past few year’s on sustainable marketing initiatives.

But what does sustainable marketing mean?
To us, sustainability is about mindfulness – being mindful of one’s place, processes, and mentality in order to influence change for the better of our communities, local and global. Sustainable marketing practices have minimal long-term effect on the environment. Sustainable marketing just makes good sense. It is about gaining the competitive advantage by adopting a holistic, environmentally-friendly mentality that is clear in your marketing tactics.

Each year, a bonus award can be handed out to one deserving winner for their submission’s sustainability. The Sustainability Award recognizes “green” efforts and best practices being implemented.

At our annual Conference, award presentations for the three budget categories will be delivered separately. Then at the President’s Dinner, we will recognize the Cup Contenders and the EDAC Cup will be awarded. The Cup will be passed along once again as the grand prize!

Before you submit:

Accepting 2017 submission entries soon!

Entries will be accepted until: Friday, July 7, 2017
Inquiries can be sent to:

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